The Luxe Handbag & Shoe Wish List

Most of us dream of owning that gorgeous designer bag or those stunning shoes that every single celebrity seems to own, some of us are lucky enough to be able to afford these luxury items, but if you’re like me and can’t you probably have a luxury wish list as long as your arm. So I decided to share with you just a few of those items that I yearn for, hoping that one day I’ll be able to own at least one of them… a girl can dream right!?

What item is top of your luxury wish list?

Laura x
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  • Those sandals are beautiful!!! Top of my luxe wishlist is a Louis Vuitton speedy, wanted one for years!
    Kirsty x


  • Aren't they?! Not usually something I'd go for but I adore them! Love Louis Vuitton!! xx