The Post Spending Ban Haul

The Post Spending Ban Haul

Last month I decided to have a spending ban on make up and skincare apart from my beauty boxes which I allowed myself to still buy. I had been buying quite a lot of make up and with an event I have this coming weekend some money needed to be saved and much to my surprise I succeeded and didn’t buy any make up or skincare in May! So to reward myself I took a trip to my local Boots and Superdrug and picked up some new bits..

The Post Spending Ban Haul

Gillette Venus Snap Razor
Like I said above I have an event this coming weekend and will be away from home for 2 nights so I finally had an excuse to buy this razor that I’ve wanted for some time and it’s super tiny and cute! I’ve seen many youtubers rave about it and I happened to find it in Superdrug for £4.98 instead of £9.99 in Boots! So if you want to buy this razor I suggest looking in Superdrug first!

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub
I’d been looking for a face scrub and thought I’d pick up this one by Boots own brand as it’s cheap and I love tea tree products. I’ve used it once already, it did make my cheeks go a little red which I hope is just a one off however my skin felt amazing afterwards.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob
This lip liner has been on my wishlist for a few months now and every time I went to buy it, it was always sold out! So luckily this time round I managed to find it in my local Superdrug. Everyone seems to love this lip liner and I can’t wait to try it out!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Foundation
Again for the event this weekend I needed a non SPF foundation due to lots of photos with flash being taken! I do not want any flashback, I’m pale enough as it is ha! So as I love every product I’ve tried from Makeup Revolution and it was cheap (only £3!) I decided to pick this one up. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it’ll be a good ‘un!

Soap & Glory Solar Powder Bronzer
Another product I’ve wanted for a long time is this powder bronzer from Soap & Glory. I’m not big on bronzer however I’m excited to try this out to achieve glowing skin. I’ve read many great reviews about it!

Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil – In With Coral
I already own the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil in ‘Red Essential’ and love it so I decided to pick up ‘In With Coral’ as I’m just obsessed with coral lips at the moment. This pencil is super creamy, moisturising, easy to apply and just so comfortable to wear. A full review will be coming this Friday so make sure to check back then!

Mitchum Smart Solid Unscented Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
A bit of an odd product to feature but hey, I needed a new deodorant! This particular one is a stick deodorant and is unscented. I wanted to try a stick deodorant as I was finding roll ons were getting quite sticky and just felt horrible whereas as a stick deodorant is solid it therefore leaves you feeling dry, it is a great alternative if you don’t like roll ons!

So there you go, that is everything I bought in my post spending ban haul! Some essentials and some non essentials but who goes into Superdrug and Boots only leaving with the essentials they needed? Erm, nobody!

What beauty products/skincare have you bought lately?

Laura x
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