5 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

I’m addicted to Instagram but then again, I don’t know anybody who isn’t. Being my most used social media site, I’m literally on there the majority of the day. Theres something about scrolling through your feed with all the pretty photography, it’s the perfect time killer. I currently follow family and friends to celebrities and youtubers aswell as fellow bloggers and instafamous dogs. Yes you read that right.. dogs. Mainly pugs and frenchies (my favourites!) and yes, a dog will be featured here because I find her adorable! I have many favourite accounts but I thought I would feature just 5 here today as you’d be here reading this post for ages! So here are 5 favourites, in no particular order..

Victoria (inthefrow)

If you’re a blogger you probably already follow Victoria but if you don’t you must! This girl is absolutely stunning and I have serious hair envy whenever I scroll through her instagram! I could never pull off that hair colour, absolutely gorgeous! I’m also a huge fan of her blog and YouTube channel so if you don’t follow her on there too, make sure you go and do it, now!

Pam (thrumyrosyglasses)

If you love make up (you’re on my blog, so i’m guessing you probably do!) and all things pink then Pam’s instagram is the perfect one for you! A colourful instagram filled with pictures of pretty make up, flowers, yummy food and more. I’m seriously filled with jealousy whenever I’m scrolling through on there due to her make up collection. So so jealous!

Kate (gh0stparties)

Kate is one of my favourite bloggers so it’s no surprise she’s featured here! Not only is her blog uh-mazing but her instagram is too. Her instagram is filled with incredible interior design, appetising food, gorgeous selfies and not forgetting pictures of her adorable cat, Mouse. I’m not a huge lover of cats but there is something about Mouse that I just adore. So cute!

Becky (milkbubbleteablog)

I just adore Becky’s instagram! It features mainly a pastel theme so if you love pastels definitely give her a follow. Photos include cute and quirky items, her stunning all-white bedroom and her gorgeous little Dachshund, Oscar. Just such a pretty theme going on here that I adore. Her blog is just as beautiful!

Marnie (marniethedog)

Something a little different now as I just had to include this little cutie! I just adore her. Marnie is a 12 year old Shih Tzu from New York who was adopted from a shelter after being found roaming the busy streets of Connecticut, which I find absolutely heartbreaking. How could anyone abandon this gorgeous little girl? Now she lives in a happy home with her owners and seems to be enjoying her old age which is all documented on her Instagram! Her photos have me cracking up sometimes when her owners dress her up in funny outfits. If you’re a dog lover like me, you’ve got to follow Marnie! You won’t regret it.

Which Instagram accounts are your favourites? Let me know in the comments as I’m always looking for new accounts to follow! You can even leave your own too and if you want you can follow me here.

Laura x
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  • Marnie the dog is my favorite! Sooo cute!


  • She's super adorable! x

  • Just went off and followed thrumyrosyglasses! Gh0stparties is just my favourite – those interiors! Kate is such a talented photographer xx

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