Summer Primark Haul

Primark is one of my favourites stores but I don’t get to shop in there very often due to the nearest one being about half an hour away however when I’m there I always make sure I pop in and have a look at what they have in store. Last week I had some money left over from my birthday so I decided to have a well overdue spree and pick up some new bits. I got some clothes that would be perfect for my holiday (even if it isn’t until October!) and some that don’t fit me just yet as motivation to keep on working out! Does anyone else do that!? I find it’s a good way to do it if you have a piece of clothing you really love and want to fit in eventually! Anyway enough rambling, if you want to see what I got carry on reading 🙂

First up is this light pink knit cami with a floral crochet hem. This is so pretty and is so me that as soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it. Even though it’s a knit top its very light so is perfect for summer and for my upcoming holiday. It was only £7.00 so a proper bargain!

This smock dress was the first thing that caught my eye in store. It isn’t something I’d usually go for but something drew me to it and it’s lovely. It has quite a boho look to it and thats what I love, especially the print. Unfortunately it’s quite big on me but I think I could get away with it with a belt maybe. Such a pretty dress for only a tenner!

How pretty are these paisley printed shorts!? This is one clothing item that doesn’t fit me properly yet however does fit me a lot better than first thought… Silly me tried these on the first time and they didn’t come up any further then my knees which I thought was a bit odd until I realised later on that theres a zip! Typical me. These will be absolutely perfect for my holiday and I can’t wait to wear them!

I’ve never been a huge fan of skirts as I’m majorly self conscious. However when I saw this suede skirt I fell in love! It doesn’t fit that well yet but hopefully in time it will. This skirt will look nice in the autumn/winter time with a pair of tights which is the main reason I bought it really.

I was looking around for a top that could go with the skirt and came across this white cami top. I’ve had my eye on tops like these for sometime and have never actually bought one. This cami goes perfectly with the skirt either tucked in or left out. A lovely outfit when put together!

Last but not least we have my typical day to day outfit! I literally live in jeggings and it’s very rare I’ll wear anything else unless it’s super hot and I have to wear something cooler. These jeggings fit like a dream and they were only £7! I love graphic tees and this New York one is no exception. I literally buy anything that has New York on it. It was only £3 which I was actually shocked by, you can tell I don’t get to shop in Primark often!

Primark have some lovely bits in at the moment and I wish I could have bought a lot more but that is the case whenever I go in! I’ll definitely be popping in there before I go to Tenerife in October.

Laura x
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