Topshop Beauty: First Impressions

Topshop Beauty

A few weeks back, I was chosen as one of the lucky winners to win a Topshop Beauty Set on Corrie’s (dizzybrunette3) blog! I was super excited to finally be able to try out Topshop’s renowned beauty line which recently turned 5! As a big fan of Topshop and their clothes, I have never actually tried any of their beauty products! Last week, on my birthday in fact, a small package came through my letterbox filled with Topshop Beauty goodies. Want to see what I got? Then read on..

Topshop Beauty

Topshop Nails in Wardrobe
First up is this nail polish in the shade ‘Wardrobe‘. Which can be best described as a deep, almost black, blue. Not really the best colour for summer, so I haven’t tried it out yet but once autumn comes around, I will be trying this out!

Topshop Brow Palette in Fetch
My first brow palette, I usually stick to the pencils. This palette has a handy little mirror and contains a wax and powder along with the cutest mini wand to brush through your brows, a mini tweezers (that somehow work better than my regular sized tweezers!?) and a double ended brush to apply the wax and powder. I’ve used this twice already and really love it. It is the perfect match and gives great definition to my brows!

Topshop Chubby Liner
I’ve used this once, it went horribly wrong. I’m just no good with eyeliner! Especially when it’s thick and chubby like this one, I much prefer skinny liners as they’re much easier to work with. However, this liner does have intense colour with great lasting power and if you’re an eyeliner pro I suggest you try this.

Topshop Mono Eyeshadow In Galaxy
This eyeshadow is just simply stunning! Highly pigmented, blendable and long lasting. I’d describe this as a dark chocolate brown, it does also have a fair amount of shimmer however when on the eyelids it just looks beautiful! I’m going to be wearing this a lot.

Topshop Lips in Nevada
Now this is sadly the most disappointing of all the products I received. While this lipstick is gorgeous and I absolutely adore the shade it just looks down right horrible on me. I think it’s too nude, if that makes sense, it just doesn’t look right. However the formula of this lipstick is fab, super moisturising and creamy. I also love this special rose gold case to celebrate 5 years of Topshop Beauty.

Topshop Glow Stick in Spotlight
According to Topshop this is actually a highlighter. However on me, it’s more of a blush. I haven’t used a blush in stick form like this before so it was quite interesting as I’m used to powder blushes that obviously have to be applied with a brush. This blush is beautiful and creates a lovely dewy glow with a nice hint of colour on my skin, I love it so much that it may in fact become my favourite blush, we shall see!

Topshop Doe Eyed Lashes Mascara
I was pretty excited to see a mascara included, even if I don’t need another mascara! However this mascara is nothing special, pretty average in fact. Perfect for a subtle day look when you don’t want your lashes to look too out there but that’s about it. Plus I just hate the packaging, way too big and flimsy for my liking!

Topshop Beauty

(L-R) Lips in Nevada, Mono Eyeshadow in Galaxy, Glow Stick in Spotlight, Chubby Liner in Bambi, Brow Wax & Powder in Fetch

The downside to Topshop’s make up? The packaging. I’ve had them less than a week and already they are all really grubby. Other than that I’m so happy with what I won! I’m already looking at what I can buy on Topshop’s website..

Have you tried Topshop beauty? What’s your favourite item?

Laura x
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