Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette
If you have been reading this blog for some time you’ll probably know how much I love Makeup Revolution as a brand. They are a really inexpensive brand with products that work, do not ever disappoint and are of amazing quality when you consider the prices. I’m always super excited whenever they have a new release and this Corrector palette was no exception. This palette is pretty damn beautiful, don’t you think? The palette contains 8 corrector shades, all with their own purpose..

Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette
I had been eyeing up the Max Factor Colour Corrector Sticks for some time but was always put off by the extortionate prices. Just one stick will cost you £9 which is expensive when you consider this palette of 8 correctors is only £6! If you were to buy all 6 Max Factor corrector sticks on offer, it would set you back £54!! So as you can see this palette is such a bargain buy and is most likely better quality too.
So what does the corrector palette do? The 8 correctors in this palette all have their own purpose. Used under foundation, they balance out any imperfections or discolourations on all complexions, so what ever your skin tone may be, you can get use of out this palette. All 8 correctors are super smooth, creamy and blendable. They are as follows:
LavenderNeutralises yellow tones
GreenNeutralises redness
OrangeNeutralises blue tones
PeachHelps to balance out slight discolouration
WhiteAdds natural highlight and brightens
CreamNeutralises purple and covers dark areas
BrownBalances ashiness in medium to dark skin tones 
I will probably get usage out of the pink, green, orange, white and cream. I find my complexion to be quite dull so pink and white will be perfect for that. For green, I have slight redness on each side of my nose that can be quite difficult to cover with concealer. Then orange and cream for the under eye area, I have very blue-toned dark circles with pesky eye bags that I probably over do with concealer daily as I hate them so much so these are perfect. 
If you have any imperfections or discolourations to your complexion then I definitely recommend you try this out. For only £6, it’s so worth it and I’m sure you’ll find it will work well for you as I’m yet to see anybody who has been disappointed with a product by Makeup Revolution.
Have you tried the Ultra Base Corrector Palette or any other corrector products? What are your thoughts?

Laura x
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  • I was sent this but I haven't tried it yet. Very excited to use the green shade as I suffer from a lot of redness. x

    Jordan Alice