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You may remember back in July, I shared my thoughts on epilating for the first time. You can read that here. In the post, I mentioned how I’d developed a couple of ingrown hairs but over time it got worse, nearly every hair became ingrown and my legs started to look rather horrible, it put me off epilating for some time as no matter how much I exfoliated beforehand, the hairs would still grow inwards. So I needed to find a solution, I scoured the internet and couldn’t find anything that seemed to work.

During my search, I ended up on one of my favourite blogs, Vivianna Does Makeup and reading a post from back in 2013 where Anna had mentioned Tend Skin. I knew that if Anna mentioned it on her blog, it must work so I placed an order straight away.

The Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Solution claims to reduce unsightly ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn for usage on legs, bikini lines, under arms and mens beards. Tend Skin comes in various formulas, however the liquid version is the only readily available version in the UK. It also comes in 3 different sizes: 118ml, 236ml and 472ml.

It is suggested you test a small patch before using as you can develop a reaction and if you’re allergic to aspirin then unfortunately this isn’t for you. I apply it to my legs using a cotton pad wiping upwards and it dries almost instantly so there is no waiting around if you’re applying it in a hurry. The smell of Tend Skin is very strong and very much like nail polish remover.

It took a couple of uses before I saw anything happen. I then began to notice the ingrown hairs were starting to lift and get closer to the surface of the skin. Eventually, they would be out and I’d then shave them off. If you epilate or wax, I would recommend not doing so until the problem is solved, shave instead! When you go back to epilating or waxing, use Tend Skin after to prevent the hairs from growing inwards.

I’ve been using Tend Skin morning and night now for around two weeks and the difference is amazing! I was a little sceptical at first about this working, but it really does work. I still have a few ingrown hairs but no where near as many I had before. Tend Skin is definitely an ingrown hair saviour! So if you suffer from ingrown hairs, I definitely recommend this product.

Laura x
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