All That Jazz Nail Lacquers

All That Jazz Nail Lacquers

Whilst sorting through my nail polish collection this weekend, I came across these snazzy nail lacquers from All That Jazz. Unused and forgotten about.. I had actually won these late last year and must of chucked them in with the rest of my nail polishes to be forgotten about. The perfect time to rediscover them as these are ideal for A/W and of course, Christmas.

All That Jazz Nail Lacquers

(L-R)- Front & Centre, Standing O, Live For The Applause, Critic’s Choice

All That Jazz as far as I’m aware are a fairly unknown brand. Mainly consisting of nail lacquers, nail art and nail tools, they also have a collection of ‘Bee Bar’ products. Some of which I own too and will be reviewing in the near future.

The four lacquers I have are: Front & Centre, Standing O, Live For The Applause and Critic’s Choice. I love the names! I love how they all seem to represent a show or performance which I’m sure you know ‘All That Jazz’ is a song from the musical Chicago! So theres a definite theme going on here!

I would have to say my favourite is Critic’s Choice. Mainly because it gives the most coverage out of the four and can be worn on bare nails too. I do think they all look nice on bare nails however Critic’s Choice more so. Obviously, these are even better when worn over the top of a nail colour.. Front & Center is simply stunning over a black polish and really adds something to an otherwise simple nail.

As you know with any glitter polish, these are pretty hardwearing and if I’m honest somewhat of a pain to remove but it’s worth it as they look beautiful, dry almost instantly and last a good few days.

When I’m back from my holiday, I’m removing my summery coral nails for the last time and painting them with these straight away just in time for the cold autumn/winter weather and finally accepting summer is well and truly over!

Do you wear glitter nail polish? Would you wear this offering from All That Jazz?

Laura x
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