The Pre-Holiday Pamper

The Pre-Holiday Pamper

To me, a pre-holiday pampering is a must. I usually do have a little pamper every Sunday however this Sunday gone as it was the last one before heading off to Fuerteventura it involved a little more prep. Instead of opting to get things done at a salon, I decided to save a little extra holiday spending money and do everything myself.

The first thing to do is obviously pop on a nice face mask and the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is the one. My ultimate favourite, I rarely use anything else. Acting like a magnet to draw out dirt clogging the pores, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and my pores are left significantly reduced. Love this stuff!

Whilst I apply the face mask, I’ll run a bath.. And every bath needs Lush bath bomb! The only one I have left from my recent Lush Haul is the Fizzbanger bath bomb. This bath bomb changes colour as it fizzes and calms breathing, slows the heartbeat and reduces feelings of anxiety. If you’re a nervous flyer this might be a good way to calm the nerves before you fly! This bath bomb makes for a really lovely, relaxing bath.

In the bath, I need to prep for epilating and tanning so a good body scrub to exfoliate with is needed. I’m currently loving the Rituals Fortune Scrub. Not only does it smell beautiful, it is really gentle on the skin. It is unlike any other scrub I’ve used in the past, it’s very mild, less harsh and turns really creamy on contact with water. It’s luxurious without the hefty price tag!

Now it’s onto removing leg hair which is obviously a must at all times but even more so on holiday, I’ll be wearing shorts and dresses after all! To make it last, instead of just shaving I opted to epilate. Something I haven’t done in a few weeks due to developing ingrown hairs, but now that I have the amazing Tend Skin to help with that, I’m back epliating again. (Read my review of Tend Skin here.)

Epilating done, it’s time to tan. I was going to use a fake tan but due to past fails and scaring myself off the idea, I’m sticking to the gradual tanner. Less scary, less likely to go wrong! There is no better than the Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion, I swear by this stuff. Not only does it tan gradually, it also moisturises giving you soft and glowing skin.

Last but not least, nails! A gorgeous pinky coral is a holiday must. The Essence The Gel Nail Polish in 47 Va-Va Voom is perfect. It gives the effect of a gel nail without the need of a lamp. Intensive colour, long lasting with an incredible gel shine in a soft matt effect.

What is your pre-holiday pamper routine?

Laura x
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  • Great post!!! 🙂 I've recently tried the Origins Charcoal Face Mask and I agree I really like it!!! Shifts those pesky clogged blackheads like nothing else!!! 😀

    New follower here 😉 can't wait for new posts!! 😛 xxx

  • It's the best! Thank you so much xx