What’s In My Handbag | Travel Edition

What's In My Handbag | Travel Edition

I’m a really nosey person so it’s no surprise that What’s In My Handbag posts are one of my favourite posts to read and as I’ve never done one I thought I would do a travel edition of whats in my handbag! featuring everything I’m taking in my carry on handbag to Fuerteventura including the essentials and some non-essentials (because we always have them!). I’m using my gorgeous suede fringe tote from Miss Selfridge as it’s really roomy so I can fit a lot in there without it going annoyingly bulky.

What's In My Handbag | Travel Edition

We’ll start with the important essentials such as my passport. That’s obviously in there because I couldn’t get to Fuerteventura without it! My Michael Kors purse and some euros are included, because you know I need to pop into duty free at the airport and if I have no money then the damage can’t be done and obviously, I need money on me while on holiday. A product I can’t live without is my iPhone 5s, it’s pretty self explanatory. How pretty is my glitter case from Skinny Dip?

My Birchbag has come in pretty handy and it’s home to all my liquids. As you probably know, security only allow 100ml liquids to be brought through and they all have to be in a clear bag! In there I have a travel size version of my favourite Soap & Glory Hand Food, this was just a must buy as I couldn’t fit the full size in and a week without it would just be a tragedy (ok, maybe that’s a little OTT). I’m not much of a germaphobe however planes are dirty places so when I can’t get to the bathroom to wash my hands this ALDI Aqua V Sanitising Hand Gel will come in handy. Being stuck on a plane for over 4 hours means I’m probably gonna need to freshen up so I’ve popped a deodorant (not pictured) and my favourite Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume in. I’ve also included my little Birchbrush incase any knots appear in my hair or I fall asleep and end up with plane bed head.

I’m a contact lens wearer but since I’ve started wearing them I have not been on a plane and I’ve heard your eyes can dry up whilst in the air and become uncomfortable so I’m bringing my lens case on the plane with me just incase I need to take them out, so obviously my glasses are a must too because y’know I need to be able to see.

I don’t really need any make up however just to look a little more alive I’ve included my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for my pesky dark circles as it is an early morning flight to Fuerteventura after all! I’ve also popped in MAC Creme Cup incase I feel like wearing it however I’ll probably just stick to my Nivea Raspberry Rose Lip Butter to keep my lips moisturised.

The last thing is the time passer, 4 hours is quite a long time so I need something to keep me occupied. I’ve really been loving colouring at the moment, I find it so fun, stress relieving and relaxing. I’m not a nervous flyer but I can get a bit nervy at times so this should help. The Colour Me Mindful Tropical colouring book is my current favourite, it’s very holiday apt too.

What would be included in your carry on bag?

Laura x
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