My Travel Memory

My Travel Memory

Travel is my passion. I want to see so much of the world. I’m lucky enough to have been to some incredible places already and Lanzarote is one of them. A beautiful island off the west coast of Africa, part of the Canary Islands which are a Spanish archipelago – other islands include Fuerteventura (read my post on my recent trip there here.), Tenerife and Gran Canaria. I have so many good memories from this holiday but one memory in particular that stands out the most, something I reminisce about a lot..

Timanfaya National Park. An absolute natural beauty. A must visit if you ever travel to Lanzarote. The Fire Mountains located here were created about 15 million years ago when over 100 volcanoes erupted creating the most spectacular landscape, the views around this park are absolutely breathtaking. Temperatures below the surface reach between 400C and 600C. At the visitors car park/centre you can witness demonstrations showing you how hot the surface is – water poured into a bore hole erupting a few seconds later into steam or a dry brush thrown into a hole catches fire immediately. It’s quite incredible to see. People are also handed bits of the earth which are obviously incredibly hot, if you manage to keep hold of it – you get to keep it as a little souvenir! There is also a restaurant located here where they BBQ the meat from the heat underground – I wish we got to eat there!

You can also take part in a camel safari at Timanfaya. I was a little dubious at first but it was the best thing ever and I would do it again! Absolutely terrifying at the start when the camel we were on decided to stand up and none of the others did.. which ended up with my mum screaming her head off shouting to get off haha! We were convinced he was about to run off with us but we found out the first camel in a row stands up before the rest.. phew! It was such a hilarious journey through the park, having the camel behind me constantly in my face, sniffing my hair, I had made a friend!.. I was laughing the whole way whilst enjoying the amazing views of the volcanic landscape. Definitely an experience I’ll never forget!

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Laura x
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  • Sounds like you had an experience of a lifetime. A camel ride seems intense! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  • It definitely was intense! x

  • I can remember I done this when I was younger, I have so many pictures with my family from my holiday to Lanzarote, it was probably one of my best holiday's too & I stole a lava rock from there as well, I definitely wish I could go back there sometime, maybe one day! Great post 🙂

    Kerri x