The Under £3 NARS Brush Dupe

The Under £3 NARS Brush Dupe

I’m not usually one to buy into ‘dupes’ or ‘fakes’ when it comes to beauty products or anything for that matter, I much prefer the real deal. However, when a product is extremely pricey, it’s worth giving the dupes a try. One brush I’ve always liked the look of was the NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush but at £43, it’s well out of my price range to spend on just one single brush. I had seen some good reviews on blogs about an exceptionally cheap dupe for this NARS brush so I decided to order and try it out.

The Under £3 NARS Brush Dupe

The Handmade Rattan Handled Blush Brush from BornPretty is the perfect brush for precise application of blush and highlighter. It’s super soft, fluffy and considering the price does not feel cheap at all. It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be but really it’s the perfect size – not too small, not too big and comfortable to handle. I can’t compare it to the NARS offering as I haven’t tried it but I really can’t see it being too different as this is such good quality. At $3.93 or £2.69, it’s a real bargain.

Ordering from BornPretty was pretty straightforward considering they are not UK based. Every product has free shipping so you’ll pay no extra on top. It did take around a month for the brush to arrive which isn’t the best however it was shipped from China so you do expect a lengthy wait but it’s so worth it!

I’m definitely going to order another one of these brushes as a back up and I’m considering ordering some of the other brushes available. There are loads to choose from! How amazing does this set look?!

It’s worth giving dupes a try. Yes, you do get some bad ones but if you’re lucky, you’ll get some good ones too, just like this one!

Have you found any good brush dupes? Or have you tried this NARS dupe?

Laura x
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