Brand Focus | Real Techniques

Brand Focus | Real Techniques
Sometimes spending a fortune on make up brushes just isn’t an option. We’re not all made of money. So splurging on, for example, MAC brushes all the time just isn’t going to happen, as much as we would like it to! This is where affordable make up brushes come in handy and in my opinion, Real Techniques are top of the game. Created by make up artists, Sam & Nic Chapman (who also run the YouTube channel Pixiwoo) these make up brushes work so well and are of such high quality, I’d have a hard time justifying any purchase of more ‘high end’ brushes.

Brand Focus | Real Techniques

All Real Techniques brushes are cruelty free and made hand cut with synthetic Taklon. The soft fibers help create flawless, high-definition results. Each brush is colour coded to correspond to the key steps of makeup application. In my collection I currently have:


Expert Face Brush | This brush is probably my favourite out of all the brushes I own, Real Techniques or not. This helps blend my foundation flawlessly to create the perfect base.

Powder Brush | The Powder Brush was my first Real Techniques purchase. I don’t use this as much now as I don’t really wear powder anymore but it’s a great brush! Big, soft and fluffy, it’s absolutely lovely.

Tapered Foundation Brush |  My least favourite brush, I just hate this shape of brush to apply foundation with as it feels like I’m painting it on. However, I’ve heard this shape is great for applying concealer so I’ll definitely be giving that a go.

Miracle Complexion Sponge | Not pictured as mine got seriously grubby so needed to be chucked however I had to include it as this sponge is amazing! This sponge blends foundation to create a smooth, enhanced finish and I personally loved using this when applying concealer with it’s precision tip.

Brand Focus | Real Techniques


Stippling Brush | Although this is technically a finishing brush, I love to use this brush to apply foundation with and you can also use this with cream products, such as blushers. This is said to be a ‘trade secret’ for creating high definition results and it definitely delivers.

Multi-Task Brush | The Multi-Task brush is shaped a lot like your average blush brush. This fluffy brush gives effortless application of blusher, powder and bronzer. The shiny pink design makes me love it even more!

Angled Highlighter Brush | This highlighter brush is the perfect shape for precise application to the cheekbones or anywhere you wish to apply highlighter such as down the bridge of your nose.

Brand Focus | Real Techniques


Deluxe Crease Brush |  This crease brush is part of the Starter Set which I got for Christmas 2014. This is a great brush for applying eyeshadow all over the lid due to it’s size, it’s far too big just for the crease in my opinion!

Base Shadow Brush | Since Christmas, I now own two of these brushes which again are great for flawless application all over the lid. It’s great at pressing loose shadows onto the lid too.

Brow Brush | I like to use this brush to apply the wax and powder from my Topshop Brow Palette as the brush that comes with it is far too tiny. I love that this picks up just the right amount of product therefore avoiding overdone, harsh brows. It’s the perfect shape too.

Accent Brush |  This brush helps create points of interest and drama on the lids. I actually haven’t used this brush much!

Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush | Probably the worst brush from the Starter Set, it’s just far too fluffy to line the eyes with, I find it just doesn’t do anything. The brush featured in the set I got this Christmas is a little thinner but I haven’t given it a go yet so hopefully this one works a bit better.

BOLD METALS COLLECTION (aka the most beautiful brushes ever)

300 Tapered Blush Brush | I could just stare at this beautiful brush all day. I’m seriously obsessed with the rose gold design and the hint of pink at the bottom of the bristles. This applies blush beautifully!

103 Angled Powder Brush | This was a Bold Metals Collection Essentials exclusive which is unfortunately now sold out everywhere. It’s such a stunning soft, fluffy brush which is great for applying powder, contouring cheeks and even distribution of foundation. Hopefully they’ll release this on its own!

200 Oval Shadow Brush | I absolutely love this one! Even though it’s pretty big in size, it’s the perfect size to pack on eyeshadow. This can even be used to apply concealer which I’ve got to try!

Have you tried Real Techniques brushes? Which is your favourite?

Laura x
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