One Year of Blogging + Giveaway!

And here we are! Today marks one year since I started blogging. I’m so surprised that I’m actually sat here one year on writing this post. I honestly did not think I would stick at it at all. I have run a few blogs in the past, have written one post and completely forgotten about them! I absolutely love blogging and feel I have improved so much in the last year. I’m so much more confident in myself, my photography and my writing skills. I used to think that I was the worst writer in the world, I’ve proved myself wrong, I think anyway!

I have a lot coming up in the next month in relation to the blog. Soon, this blog will have a new name. I feel lauzylouu is now outdated. It was a nickname I made up for myself back in 2007 I think, I was 15 then. And you know, I thought it was cool. And then it just stuck. So I used it for pretty much everything! So I’ve decided on a new name and can’t wait to change it. Along with the new name change will be a new domain and a new theme! So be sure to check back for that in the next month or so.

To say a big thank you to all my followers/readers, I’m running my first ever giveaway and there will be TWO winners! I was going to do a big giveaway, one winner and loads of prizes but due to funds, I was unable to go ahead with it but hopefully I can do one like that very soon! Here’s what you can win:
Β£15 gift card for a store of your choice (For example: Boots, SpaceNK, Debenhams.. Even Tesco if you wish!) As long as I can buy the gift card online.
x 1 MAC Lipstick in a shade of your choice.
x 1 MAC Lipstick in a shade of your choice.
Open to UK residents only. 
This giveaway will run for one month: 18.00 on 8th February 2016 until 23.59 on 8th March 2016.
Winners must be 18 or over. If you are under 18, you will need your parent/guardians permission before providing me with your details.
There are 2 compulsory entries that must be completed. 
Winners will be selected at random and will be notified by email on 9th March 2016. 
If any of the prizes are not claimed by the winner within 14 days, another winner will be chosen.
Want to enter? Just fill out the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to all who read/follow my blog, I really appreciate it! Good luck in the giveaway!

Laura x
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  • Congratulations on an entire year! I have enjoyed reading every single post over the last couple of months since I discovered you. Here's to another year! Xx

  • What a cute competition! I'm also stuck with the same username/moniker on every platform under the sun (tlchimera) so I feel your pain! I love finding UK bloggers and I feel I'm more likely to be recommended relevant products – looking forward to reading through your back catalogue!

    As to what MAC Lipstick? I don't actually own any MAC (heresy, I know! NARS has my heart/tiny makeup budget.) – but Twig looks like the most amazing colour that I would get a lot of wear out of.

  • Happy blogiversary! I love reaching milestones like this with my blog.


  • Peach Blossom

  • I would love any shade of red/purple in the MAC lipstick.. I have only just started using MAC and have not learnt all the names!!

  • Happy blog anniversary to you! Here's to many many more years to come <3 And I think I would love the classic Ruby Woo x πŸ™‚

  • I would ask my GF what shade she wanted, congratulations on the year

  • Happy blog anniversary i would choose Boyfriend Stealer

  • I'd have to try Ruby Woo! I've heard so many good things, great giveaway!xx

  • a devil red!

  • Congratulations on one year! This is a great giveaway!
    Charlotte //

  • I would choose Ruby Woo

  • Happy bloginversary! πŸ™‚

    I'd like this shade; Matte Royal

    Thanks for the chance to win xo

  • It would have you be ruby Woo. Brilliant prizes, thank you for the chance to win! X

  • Happy one year :)) I would choose velvet teddy as my favourite shade xxx

  • Aww that's made my day! Thanks Caitlin x

  • Twig is a lovely shade! It's on my never ending MAC wishlist πŸ˜‰ x

  • Thank you x

  • Good choice! x

  • I still haven't learnt most of them! I only know the ones I own and the most popular ones x

  • Thank you! Oooh I love Ruby Woo x

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you! Oooh I've never heard of that one before – looks like a great shade! x

  • Ruby Woo is one of my faves! x

  • Awesome! x

  • Thank you Charlotte! x

  • Great choice! x

  • Thank you and you're welcome! Wow Matte Royal is an amazing shade! x

  • Great choice. You're welcome x

  • Thank you! Love Velvet Teddy! x

  • Happy blog birthday!!! *insert virtual hug* x

  • congratulations on reaching a year! If I won I think I would chose MAC's Diva as it looks like such a lovely shade!

    emily x ❀ | emilyloula

  • I'd choose the MAC shade Violetta!

  • Thank you! x

  • Thanks! Diva is gorgeous! x

  • Such a lovely shade! x

  • Matte Royal xx

  • Happy bloggerversary!! This is lovely of you, a fantastic prize as Mac lippies are my favourites!
    I would LOVE Russian Red, it's my favourite shade I've literally run it out and can't repurchase at the moment so have all of my fingers and toes crossed!!!

  • Lovely! x

  • Thank you!! Fingers crossed!! x

  • Creme cup please.

  • Woo, congrats on a year! It'll be two years for me in March.. it has flown by! I'd pick Plumful πŸ™‚

    Courtney x

  • Well done for managing a year!! I love reading all of your posts, please carry on blogging!!

  • I love Creme Cup! x

  • Thanks! Congrats on two years next month!! x

  • Thanks! Oh I will πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Congratulations on the blogversary! Wishing you many more πŸ™‚ It's got to be Velvet teddy, such a lush colour! xx

  • Happy Blogversary xx I'm a massive fan of Antique Velvet, But they have lots of Red shades that i've yet to try.

  • Thank you!! Velvet Teddy is gorgeous πŸ™‚ x

  • Thank you! Ooh i've never heard of that shade before, so beautiful! x

  • Peach Blossom

  • Great choice! x

  • chilli

  • I have been dying to try a red mac lipstick but not sure which would suit pale skin πŸ™‚

  • Fab choice x

  • I think Ruby Roo really compliments my pale skin! x

  • Ruby Woo that is! That's what happens when you have a dog named Ruby.. πŸ˜‰ x

  • Would have to be Ruby Woo for me, just love it

  • Such a popular shade but it is beautiful! x

  • I would choose Among the fireflies

    Lynsey Buchanan

  • I would choose Matte Royal, would suit my skin tone. Happy Blog Birthday! x

  • I would love the Candy Yum Yum I think — a lighter pink, but bright enough to add some pop! πŸ™‚

  • Happy 1st Blogiversary. I like the Tropic Tonic shade

  • It would be Ruby Woo. Good luck everyone!

  • Sunny Seoul πŸ™‚ xx

  • Congratulation on a year. My favourite is No Faux Pas. πŸ™‚

  • Violetta

  • My wife likes devil red

  • Ruby Woo and BIG Congratulatuions on your one year, well done Laura, great blog!

  • I would like to try real redhead

  • Ladybug x

  • Congratulations your first year

    Kinda Sexy looks lovely.

  • A gorgeous shade! x

  • Such an incredible shade! Thank you! x

  • Love that one, Good luck! x

  • Thank you! Tropic Tonic is on my wishlist, a great spring/summer shade! x

  • Ruby Woo seems like a popular choice πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  • Such a pretty shade! x

  • Thank you! Love that shade! x

  • Great choice, good luck! x

  • Lovely! Good luck! x

  • Thank you πŸ™‚ x

  • Great choice πŸ™‚ x

  • A lovely shade for spring! Good luck x

  • Thanks! Great choice! x

  • Happy 1st Blogiversary! I would choose Ruby Woo! Thank you for the lovely competition πŸ™‚