5 TV Shows You Need To Watch

5 TV Shows You Need To Watch

Hi. My name is Laura and I’m a major US TV Show Addict. I watch far too many that I can’t keep up with, I’m behind on all but two at the moment and I still want to watch more. Today, I thought I’d share my favourite five that I think you need to be watching..

The Walking Dead |
A few years back, I would of have said that a little show called Lost was my favourite tv show ever. I would have never of thought any other show would ever come close or even replace it as my favourite.. that is until I started watching The Walking Dead about two years ago. This show is the definition of epic. It does take a little while to get into if you’re not into gore. It took me about a month to finish watching the pilot episode due to being completely grossed out by the bicycle girl zombie (TWD fans know what I’m on about!) however after a few episodes you get used to it and now I’m completely unfazed by it all. Michonne beheads a walker? Doesn’t bother me! Daryl’s arms make up for it. *drool* Ahem, maybe I should give you a little insight into what it’s about? If you haven’t guessed already.. It’s a zombie apocalypse and the show follows Rick Grimes as he becomes leader of a group of survivors who battle it out to survive. I can’t say much more without writing a whole essay and giving everything away, so definitely give it a watch!

The Vampire Diaries |
This time last year, I probably wouldn’t have included this here. No matter how much I love it! It got soppy and became a love story that had me wanting to reach for the sick bucket every week and everything revolved around saving Elena who whined and whined and it got pretty annoying, the only thing that kept me watching were my boys, Damon & Stefan. Season 7 has made the show improve immensely, I won’t say why because that would be a huge spoiler. Season 1, Season 3 and Season 7 in my opinion are the best seasons and even though I complain about the soppiness, it is definitely worth a watch if you’re into supernatural/vampire dramas.

Pretty Little Liars |
Everyone and their mother seem to be watching this show now and rightly so! It may seem like your typical teeny sitcom drama from the outside but it is so much more than that. It follows the lives of four friends after the disappearance of their friend in the first season, they begin to receive messages from an unknown figure known as “A” who threatens them with all sorts such as exposing their deepest secrets. It can be quite brutal, disturbing and violent at times so this is why I wouldn’t call it a typical teen drama. Now on it’s sixth season, the show is taking a slightly different direction but still with the threat of an unknown figure. A great series if you’re into mystery thrillers.

New Girl |
New Girl is my probably my favourite comedy on the air right now, it’s hilarious! It is a proper belly laugh, I have many a time woken my mother up from laughing too loud whilst watching. It follows Jess who moves into an LA Loft with three men after a break up and revolves around their lives, careers and relationships etc. My favourite character has to be Nick, he has me crying with laughter each episode. I’m even just laughing writing this with his quotes popping up in my head.

Modern Family |
Another laugh out loud comedy or ‘mockumentary’ as it’s known, it’s amazing! Now in it’s seventh season, it’s the most popular comedy on American TV and I can definitely see why, it’s hilarious. It follows the life of Jay Pritchett and his family. My favourite character is Phil Dunphy. Just because that man is the best, I wish he was my dad! He’s hysterical. Give this a go if you like a light hearted comedy!

What are your favourite tv shows? Any recommendations to add to my never ending ‘I need to watch that’ list?

Laura x
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  • I'm Claire and I'm a TV addict too haha, my top three shows are Game Of Thrones (all time favourite!) The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars which I watched right from the beginning, I'm pretty proud of that haha. The Vampire Dairies definitely has the best eye candy though 🙂
    xxx Claire

  • The Walking Dead has been on my list of TV shows to watch for ages – must start watching!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • I keep meaning to watch Games of Thrones! You're right, the eye candy is fab on TVD, I've met both guys in real life and I can tell you they are even more beautiful in the flesh! x

  • You must! 😉 x

  • I love these shows.