First Impressions | Tony Moly

First Impressions | Tony Moly

Many of you have probably heard of the brand, Tony Moly. A South Korean cosmetics brand with possibly the cutest packaging ever. After reading a few reviews on the brands products, I decided I wanted to try some for myself so I headed over to eBay (where they sell incredibly cheap!) and placed an order. Considering it was coming all the way from Seoul, I wasn’t expecting for my order to arrive so quickly but a week later, my delivery arrived at the door.

First Impressions | Tony Moly

I didn’t realise before placing my eBay order that in fact a few UK online stores do stock a very limited amount of Tony Moly products. Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty are just two of them. I’m quite pleased I ordered from eBay as it was cheaper and I got a few freebies too! I also didn’t encounter any problems which is good.

The product I was most excited about had to be the I’m Real Tomato Mask Sheet. I’ve completely fallen in love with sheet masks and much prefer them to regular face masks. You may look pretty creepy but they are more comfortable without that tight feeling plus I love that I don’t have to wash it off afterwards, I can simply massage any left over product into my skin.

The Tomato mask sheet is perfect for dull and dehydrated skin. Afterwards, your complexion is transformed and looks more radiant, healthy and glowing.

I had to try out the Brightening Eye Base. Not only does it have adorable Panda packaging but anything that promises to brighten my dark under eye area is always worth trying. This is a cream stick that you apply underneath concealer to help lighten the area, you then apply concealer and I’ve found that with this it applies a lot better, smoother in fact. It really does a great job at making me look more awake!

The other products I received were sample freebies which I was quite surprised to see included. I’ve not tried these out yet but I can’t wait to give them a whirl.

Have you tried any Tony Moly products?

Laura x
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  • the Lemon Face mask is amazing too!

  • I haven't really heard of this brand if I'm honest but the panda eye stick sounds and looks amazing!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • That one sounds so good! Might try it next x

  • It's incredible, you should definitely give Tony Moly products a try! x

  • I've only recently heard about this band but it sounds so interesting, especially the sheet mask. One strange question though, does it actually smell like tomato?
    xxx Claire

  • Haha no funnily enough, I thought it would but nope! x