My Makeup Storage

My Makeup Storage

I thought it was about time I shared my makeup storage with you guys, I love reading these posts and having a nose at how everyone stores their make up! My makeup collection isn’t as huge as some bloggers however it has grown a lot since I started blogging a year ago and so I needed to invest in some storage recently. I had wanted to buy the Ikea MALM chest of drawers to go with my second hand Ikea desk however I live about 60 miles from the nearest store so I’ll have to wait a little longer until someone is willing to drive me there. Any offers? Please? Hehe! In the meantime, I bought some plastic draws from Wilko. They aren’t the prettiest but they do the job just fine and they’re only temporary, after all. If you wanna have a nose, read on..

My Makeup Storage

In the draws, I have used old Birchboxes to store my make up in. They are really handy to keep afterwards to use for storage purposes! I also use them in the bathroom to store my skincare.

The top draw is home to my base make up such as foundations and concealers as well as my powders, blushes, highlighters and all that. I also have some of my single eyeshadows in this draw. As you can see, I don’t own too many base products simply because I can’t afford to be buying loads however I can see my foundation count growing over the coming months as there are so many I want to try! Excuse the dirty packaging by the way, I do clean them every now and then!
My Makeup Storage

The second draw is basically home to all of my eye make up bar a few odd products that don’t fit anywhere else. All my palettes such as the Naked 3 are sat at the back, these draws pull out quite far so they are easy to reach. In the boxes are my mascaras and eyeliners. Out of the boxes to the side are other products such as my Barry M Cor Balmys and a few odd lipsticks and eyeliners as it’s the only place they’ll fit! 

Now you’re probably wondering where all my lipsticks and such are? Well I like to have them within easy reach..

My Makeup Storage

On my desk I have a Muji Acrylic box home to some of my lip products. The top draw is mainly my lip liners and crayons. The bottom draw is where my liquid lipsticks and glosses are stored. I love this Muji box as it allows me to grab a lippie within easy reach. It was also my first piece of make up storage I bought!

On top of the box, I have a lipstick holder that I got on eBay recently and it’s been an absolute godsend and like the Muji box allows me to choose a lipstick easily. I store them upside down so I know which shade is which especially with my MAC lipsticks in the front row as as you know, they all look the same! The lipstick holder is home to my most used/favourite lip products such as my beloved MAC lipsticks and my NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a little nose at my makeup storage and maybe it’ll give you some ideas on how to store your own makeup? I’ll do a little update when my collection has grown and hopefully I’ll have the MALM drawers by then too!!

How do you store your makeup? Do you just chuck it all in a make up bag or are you organised?

Laura x
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