17 Things in 2017.

17 things in 2017. Wishes, Goals, Achievements
After a horrible, emotional year, I was glad to say good riddance to 2016. I’m hopeful that 2017 will be a better year for me and my family after such a hectic and stressful time. Today, I’m sharing 17 things I hope to achieve and do in 2017.
1. Travel more.
I am pretty certain I was born to travel but thanks to money, I rarely can. Last year, I had one trip to Amsterdam which was amazing but I do wish I could have had a few more holidays. The main goal would be to finally go on my dream holiday to New York City but unless I win the lottery, it seems unlikely but here’s hoping.
2. Lose weight and get healthy.
I think with all the stress of the last year, I gained a lot of weight. I was never huge, I’m still not but I’m definitely not at a healthy weight and I don’t want it to get to a point where it takes longer and is harder to lose. I’m considering joining the gym but my anxiety is getting the better of me. The thought of working out in public scares me but I need to do something!
3. Be more confident.
As I mentioned before, anxiety is getting the better of me regarding working out in public and it’s a bit silly really. The best thing I achieved in 2016 was definitely gaining more confidence as I learned life is too short to be worrying about every little thing but there is still a long way to go. In 2017, I really want to work even harder on my confidence.
4. Get a job I love.
I’ve been applying for many social media related jobs recently as it’s something I’d love to do! But I’m yet to be successful and I’m not really sure if I’m experienced enough just yet. But I have applied for a volunteer role in the mean time to get some more experience so here’s hoping.
5. Improve my blog.
This year I’d like to get to a place where I’m completely satisfied with my blog, it’s content and my photos. I’d also love to work with some brands this year! That would be brilliant.
6. Save more money.
I suppose this goes along with number one, if I save more money then I’ll get to go on holiday etc. I’m a pretty good saver I think but I’ve never saved more than about £300, I’d like to be able to save more. I’m currently doing the 365 Day Penny Challenge where I put a few pennies in each day to my savings account and every day the amount goes up. By Day 100, I’ll be putting a few pounds in every day for example. By the end of the year, I should have £667.95 saved which would be great!
7. Learn to drive.
This one may seem a little silly now I’ve moved back to London where you don’t really need a car! However, I’ve had my provisional license for almost two years now and I haven’t done anything with it so I may take a few lessons this year if I can afford it!
8. Try my hand at a new activity.
I’ve always wanted to be able to make jewellery, a bit random I know! I once considered doing a jewellery making course but I never did it, maybe this year I will? 
9. See my best friend more.
Me and my bestie live about 2 hours apart so we rarely get to see each other. I wish I got to see her more! So hopefully in 2017, that’ll happen. For example, I haven’t seen her since last June. It sucks! I know 2 hours isn’t a long way away but due to work, life, and ridiculous train prices, it’s really difficult to see each other regularly! 
10. Learn to cook.
I hesitated to put this one down because how embarrassing! Yes, I’m 24 and very much an amateur cook. I’m the type to just throw food in the oven or microwave. The only thing I’ve ever really “cooked” is Slimming World’s Sticky Chicken of which I burnt the sauce, both times. Oops.
11. Start a YouTube channel?
The only thing putting me off doing this is that I hate the sound of my own voice! On record, I sound like a baby. I hate it. I’d love to do YouTube so I suppose I’m just going to have to get over how I sound and just do it.
12. Attend a blogger event or two.
This is so much easier now that I live in London! Hopefully this year I can attend a few events, they seem like so much fun and a great way to meet other bloggers.
13. Keep organised.
I’d like to think I’m an organised person but I don’t think I am really! I’ve started writing down things I need to do and once I get my 2017 diary in the post I will be keeping it updated daily. I also need to be more organised with my blog such as getting photos and posts done in bulk, so I’m not worrying that I need to get a post up for 10 am the next day!
14. Have a digital detox every now and then.
Every day I’m on both my phone and MacBook for hours at a time. For one day a week or month, I want to go without any internet and put my phone down. Stop browsing Instagram, sending tweets or pinning on Pinterest. No playing games on my phone either! Which is going to be hard seeing as I’ve gotten so obsessed with playing Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic. Oh, the nostalgia!
15. Sleep better and have a routine.
I must have the worst sleeping routine out of anyone in this world and I am constantly tired. I keep trying to go to bed at say 9/10pm but it just doesn’t stick when I do. I’m such a night owl! Plus I love my naps.
16. Get back into reading.
I actually really love reading books but I rarely ever do but once I pick one up, I can’t stop reading it! I don’t really know why I find it so difficult to find the time, I guess there is always something else I think I need to be doing.
17. Just enjoy life.
After almost losing a family member last year, it made me realise life is just too short to be worrying about things such as what other people might think of you. You’ve just got to live life to full because you just don’t know what tomorrow holds. Have fun, make amazing memories and don’t forget to laugh until your stomach hurts! 🙂
What do you hope to achieve in 2017?

Laura x