My Favourite Blogging Tools & Apps.

My Favourite Blogging Tools & Apps.

In these last two years that I have been blogging, I have come across many tools, plugins and apps that have made blogging and things associated with it a lot easier and made me more productive. Today, I thought I would share a list of my favourite and most used tools that might just help you out too.

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BufferWebsite | App
Definitely the easiest Twitter and Facebook post scheduler out there (It can also be used to schedule Instagram posts but I don’t use this). Every blog related tweet you will see on my Twitter is posted via Buffer. I use both the app and website, the app is very handy if you are out and about and need to schedule some tweets and posts to your blogs Facebook page. The free version of Buffer allows you to schedule 10 tweets per day which is enough for me as I don’t like to bombard my followers with too many blog related tweets but if you wish to schedule more you can upgrade to the ‘Awesome’ plan for $10 a month (Around £8).

Buffer also provides you with analytics for your posts. You can see it’s potential reach, how many clicks it had etc. It’s very useful!

TailwindWebsite | App
I was looking for Pinterest scheduling apps a few months ago and came across Tailwind. Unfortunately, you can only schedule 100 pins in a free trial but it was a really handy app to use and I saw my following increase due to me posting more thanks to scheduling rather than just popping on for a few minutes a day to pin. It also helps that Tailwind’s scheduler posts your pins at the most popular times. Plus will cost you $15 a month (Around £12).

ViralwootWebsite | Chrome Plugin
After my free trial with Tailwind was up, I found Viralwoot. I do find this a lot easier as they have a Chrome plugin which makes it a breeze to schedule pins. Viralwoot have their own ‘Smart Engine’ which decides on your optimum posting times. They also give you basic analytics for your Pinterest account, however, you can get a more detailed view if you change your Pinterest account to a business account. If you wish to upgrade your Viralwoot plan, you can do so from $15 a month.

Canva – Website
I love this website! It’s great for designing images for pretty much anything – Twitter posts, Facebook posts and those Pinterest friendly graphics like the one I’ve used at the top of this post. There are so many free fonts, logos, shapes, layouts etc. You’ll probably find many companies use Canva for their social media platforms. To be honest, I’m surprised the majority of the tools on this site are free.

GrammarlyWebsite | Plugin
Grammarly is a great plugin for blog posts, emails and basically, anything else you need to make sure that you have spelt correctly and good grammar for. It can be a bit of a pain sometimes I’ll admit, it will want to correct things that really don’t need correcting. For example, it wants me to correct blog related to blog-related. No thanks, Grammarly. But other than that, it’s great!

DropboxWebsite | App
Dropbox is so handy for transferring files between devices. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it! I mainly use it to transfer blog photos I’ve taken from my MacBook to my phone in order to post them on Instagram.

AfterlightWebsite | App
After I get the photos off of Dropbox, I use Afterlight to edit my photos for Instagram. It does cost but not much and there are a lot of filters you can use. I don’t use any, I mainly use the Brightness, Clarify etc. options, as I don’t like to over edit my photos too much.

What are your favourite apps and tools for blogging? 

Laura x