Recent Makeup Purchases.

Recent Makeup Purchases from NYX, Kat Von D & MAC

February was supposed to be the month where I bought nothing but essentials. A complete all out spending ban on makeup, clothes and anything I didn’t need. Why? Because I’m currently saving up to do a lot of things this year such as Disneyland and a visit to see my friend in The Netherlands. But it seems I have no willpower. This month I’ve bought makeup, trainers, other bits and bobs.. oh and a rather large Lush order. (Post coming soon.) I have managed to save a few quid but nowhere near as much as I would have if I didn’t buy all these things. Hopefully, next month will be a different story.. But for now, I’ll show you what I’ve bought..

Recent Makeup Purchases from NYX, Kat Von D & MAC

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul |
If you a regular reader here, you’ll probably know of my obsession with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.. I just can’t stop buying them! This shade, I’d describe best as a lovely everyday soft pink. I can’t rave enough about the formula of these lip creams, I say it everytime, they are incredible! Matte but comfortable, long lasting, so pigmented and easy to apply. The cake scent is an absolute bonus! Istanbul has quickly become my favourite shade along with Milan.

MAC Lip Pencil in Soar |
My favourite MAC lipstick shade is Brave. So of course, I needed the Soar lip pencil to go with it to create the perfect lip combo. Thankfully, the popularity of this pencil has now died down so it was pretty easy to get. Last year, it was virtually impossible as it was sold out everywhere and would then come back in stock and sell out in seconds! This pencil is super firm which makes application easy as it glides on so smoothly, it’s a little drying but not uncomfortable. I love it worn either on it’s own or paired with Brave. 100% recommend.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita |
One of the most raved about liquid lipsticks in the beauty blogging world and let me tell you, this definitely does not disappoint. These are so comfortable, you almost wouldn’t even know you had a matte product on your lips. I’m guessing it has something to do with the formula being packed with natural moisturisers such as Vitamin E! Also, matte lipsticks tend to emphasise lip lines and cracks but this looks so smooth and effortless, even without any prep beforehand! Lolita is best described as a ‘chestnut rose’ shade. I’m completely sold on these. Sorry NYX but I think I might have a new liquid lippy fave… I’ve got my eye on Bow n Arrow next.

Recent Makeup Purchases from NYX, Kat Von D & MAC
(L-R) Istanbul, Lolita, Soar

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam |
I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit terrified of this at first. I dislike anything that is overly glittery, however, there was no need as this is gorgeous. I’m a sucker for a lovely luminous glow and with this, it’s easily achievable. There are many ways you can wear this illuminator, either mixed with your foundation or on it’s own over the cheekbones and anywhere you like to highlight. You need to be quick when blending as it does tend to dry quickly but that really is the only downside.

NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Fair |
I’m still trying to find a concealer that can top Collection’s Lasting Perfection but I’m still yet to find one. This comes pretty close as it’s got great coverage however it’s just not brightening enough so I always need something on top to brighten. It has a slight peachy orange undertone that is great for cancelling out blue tones in the under eye area. It’s not a product I’d reach for a lot however it’s great for minimal makeup days when I just need to hide those pesky dark circles.

Recent Makeup Purchases from NYX, Kat Von D & MAC

(L-R) Dark Circle concealer in Fair, Sunbeam 

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them?

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  • I am so keen on making a bunch of nxy products. They have so many things I definitely want to try!

  • This post really makes me want to explore NYX Cosmetics a little bit more, the Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam looks stunning, maybe a little bit intense for me, but mixing it with your foundation is a good idea indeed 🙂

  • Love all those lip colours! The NYX in particular is gorgeous.

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  • Loving all the NYX products! Their liquid illuminator is such a good dupe for Nars.

    Selene Addicted

  • Lovely picks! I love illuminators so I must check out that NYX one, also need Soar in my life!

    The Makeup Directory

  • You should definitely try them, they are a great brand x

  • It is a bit intense when you first see it but once it's blended into the skin, it's quite subtle but adds a lovely glow! x

  • It's lovely! x

  • Yes apparently it is! I've always wanted to give Copacabana a try, but can't justify spending that much atm! xo

  • It's a beautiful product! And yes, you definitely need Soar in your life! 😉 xx

  • I also have no willpower and just spend, spend, spend – but you got so many goodies this month!

    Lucy | Forever September