Brands I Want To Try More From.

Brands I Want To Try More From.
As a self confessed beauty addict, I’ve tried many brands over the years. I love some, I dislike some and there’s a select few that I’m just itching to try more from. These brands are all on the higher end price point which is to be expected as it’s not often I can splurge because I’m skint most of the time (yey). And even though I’ve vowed to spend less on beauty products this year so I can save for trips and what not, it’s almost guaranteed I’m gonna spoil myself with products from at least one of these..
Brands I Want To Try More From.
I’d probably class NARS as one of my favourite brands but the truth is I haven’t actually tried that much from them. In fact, only three products: the Radiant Concealer, Orgasm blush (a big fave) and an Eyeshadow Duo in Eurydice so I really do need to try more from them. A big plus is that TKMaxx are now stocking a whole load of NARS products so it’s much easier to get your hands on them if you’re a bit skint like myself but I can only hope that they get less garish shades in, some of the products are a bit of an eyesore.
Hourglass have literally got to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing beauty brands out there. The gold packaging and the dreamy Ambient Lighting blushes just make me swoon. I finally splurged on Luminous Flush last year and it was probably the best purchase I made in 2016, beauty wise. I can’t stop wearing this, it just gives the most beautiful flush of colour and yep, makes my skin look luminous! I need more.
Another brand I finally splurged on last year was Becca, where I purchased the beautiful Champagne Pop highlighter. Before Champagne Pop came on the radar, I actually wasn’t that aware of Becca and well now it’s safe to say I’m a little obsessed and I want pretty much everything they have to offer.
One of my favourite brands but again like NARS, I actually haven’t tried a huge amount of their products. My favourite is probably the Naked 3 palette which I get so much use out of and the shades suit me to a tee. One product I’m quite disappointed with though is the Naked Skin Concealer which is funny as everyone raves about it, I do love how creamy it is but the coverage is a bit meh. 
I may own a fair few MAC lipsticks but I haven’t tried anything else from them apart from one blush (Peachy Keen). I’m not really sure why I haven’t given anything else a try, I think I always opt for another brand when purchasing makeup products. However, I do have a really long list of things I’d like to give a whirl!
Stila is another brand I made my first purchase from in 2016 when I bought the gorgeous Convertible Color in Lillium which is quickly becoming one of my favourite blushes! I’m also addicted to the Stay All Day Liquid lipsticks which are amazing. You can read a full review on them here. Stila have recently bought out a load of new products I really want to try, they look so beautiful!
Which brands do you want to try more from?

  • I can't believe I haven't tried anything from Hourglass, their products are so pretty but a little too pricey for me even though I know they are worth it! with Mac I would totally recommend trying out their extra dimension eye shadows and glitter pigments! xx

  • god, so many brands i want to try myself such a stila and becca. also, i want more hourglass products in my collection.

  • The only brand I ever try from your list is MAC and it was their eyeshadows. I would love to try Glossier because I heard so many good reviews and I love the simplicity of the package of their products.

    Xo, Sitara | simplysitara

  • Absolutely love these brands! NARS is probably my favourite brand ever and I've tried quite a lot of their products now, and trust me you won't be disappointed with the products you want to try from them, they're all gorgeous!!

    I would like to try more from Becca as well!

    The Makeup Directory

  • I feel I fall behind when it comes to high end luxuries as I always tend to go for the cheaper option within the drugstore. So there are sooooo many brands that I want to try! I really want to try the allnighter setting spray by Urban Decay too, apparently the new Milani one is a good dupe for it.
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

  • Yeah they are really pricey, the only reason I bought Luminous Flush was because I had birthday money to spend! I will definitely have a look at those xx

  • I would have all the Hourglass blushes if I could afford it haha. xx

  • I'd love to try Glossier too, it's a shame it's near impossible to get them here in the UK. xx

  • That's good to hear! I really need to buy Sheer Glow asap, I just need to find out my shade. xx

  • I've been the same up until recently! Although I still do opt for more budget options frequently but it's always worth treating yourself now and then. Ooh I must look at the Milani spray! xx

  • I've only ever tried one nars product, but its a brand I'm desperate to try more from!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Me too! xo