5 Destinations on my Travel Bucket List.

5 Destinations on my Travel Bucket List.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance to travel to some beautiful places from the gorgeous island of Corfu in Greece to one of Europe’s most cultural cities, Amsterdam. But, this still hasn’t stopped me from having a serious case of wanderlust, I’m always yearning to travel far and wide. My Travel wish list is as long as my arm and features places in all of Earth’s continents from the USA to Asia. But there are 5 destinations on my Bucket list that I have to visit..

My ultimate dream destination! A holiday to New York has always been my number one wish and when I finally get there, it’ll be a dream come true. I’m not sure why I have such a connection to this city, especially when I’ve never been there but I am obsessed with everything New York! If anything New York related is ever on the TV, it’s a must watch. I’m also addicted to buying New York related homewares from mugs to cushions.. For someone who’s never been, it’s pretty extreme. I honestly can’t wait until I can get on a plane bound for New York, please let it be soon.

Yes, another US city! I’ve always wanted to visit the City of Angels and do some celeb spotting, visit Venice Beach, go shopping at The Grove and even do a hike up Runyon Canyon. Yes, a hike. The girl who hates exercise would be willing to do a hike if it was up Runyon Canyon haha! There are many other places around LA I’d love to visit too like Malibu & Santa Monica.

I blame Youtubers/Influencers/Bloggers on Instagram for this one! The Maldives seem to be a popular destination among these people and in all honestly, I don’t blame them because it is a stunning nation. I just get jealous because it is such a luxe, expensive place I’ll unlikely ever be able to afford. The crystal clear waters, the white sand, blue skies.. ahh. I’ll carry on dreamin’..

This is pretty new on the bucket list, I never really wanted to go as bad as I do now. If I had to pick between Australia & NZ, it’d be NZ without a doubt however much I would like to visit Oz. But one thing about Australia that terrifies me is the bugs and the birds. As someone with a huge fear of birds, it’s not the ideal destination haha! New Zealand looks like a stunning country with magnificent scenery. I’m also now eager to see the Southern Lights more than the Northern (those pink hues look so much prettier!) and New Zealand is one of the best places.

There’s no specific city with this one, anywhere in Italy will do. Rome, Venice, Milan.. anywhere.. So why is this a dream destination? Well, the food. In all honesty, it’s the food. As a pasta addict and pizza lover, I’m dying to try the real deal cooked by Italians themselves. Bolognese, Lasagna.. even the ice creams. Mmmm… but another reason I’d love to visit is because it looks like a beautiful country with so much culture. To visit Rome and see the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain would be incredible. Someone book me a ticket, please..

Which destinations are on your Travel bucket list? 

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  • These are all on my travel bucket list too, especially New York. I have been to Italy already though and I'd say it's my favourite country. I've been to Venice, Bologna, Florence and Rome and I loved them all! There's still so many places I'd love to go in Italy too. Beautiful country, oh and AMAZING food!

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  • I really need to visit LA, I've been to NYC and Italy and they are both so amazing!