Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

Bourjois have always been one of my go-to drugstore brands. Especially when it comes to their foundations! I’m a huge fan of the City Radiance Foundation which I reviewed here a while back and in the past, I’ve also loved the Healthy Mix Serum foundation, a great option for drier skins. The one I always wanted to try was the Healthy Mix foundation and when Bourjois brought out a newer, reformulated version which every other blogger was seemingly raving about, it made me finally pop it in my basket and give it a whirl.

So what’s new about this version of Healthy Mix? I obviously can’t compare to the old version but this one is said to give tired, dull skin more radiancy and it is also boosted by the addition of vitamins such as Vitamins C & E. It’s a very light foundation but buildable so I don’t find the coverage to be too sheer. It’s good at covering any blemishes like the huge spot on my forehead right now (boo!) which helps as I very rarely need to apply much concealer on said spot due to this.

It does make the skin look more radiant and dewy which is something I always want in a foundation due to my dry skin and more so now it’s Spring! There’s nothing worse than a foundation that clings to dry patches and makes them look obvious, thankfully this foundation does not do that. It has a very natural finish and my skin looks brightened, fresh and less fatigued.

As I have dry skin, I don’t use powder so I don’t rely on much to keep my foundation long lasting other than the foundation itself. Sometimes, I will use a primer or setting spray, but not every time! I can’t get over the lasting power of this considering it’s light formula, it’s brilliant. Probably the best I’ve tried yet in regards to wear time. Bourjois suggest 16 hours, however, does anyone really wear foundation for that long? I give it a wear time of about 8-9 hours max. It’ll be interesting to see how well this lasts on a hot day.

Application is flawless as it seamlessly blends into the skin. I love using my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to apply this as I find it gives the best finish. I didn’t like how it looked with a brush, however, I don’t really like any foundation when applied with a brush nowadays. Anyone else feel like this? The sponges have definitely taken over!

The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation comes in 8 shades with 50. Rose Ivory being the lightest and 58. Caramel being the darkest. I chose Rose Ivory as it’s the one I’ve always stuck with regarding Bourjois foundations (espec. City Radiance) and it is the perfect match for my uber pale skin.

Have you tried the newly reformulated Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation? What are your thoughts?

Laura x

  • I was a big fan of the original formula of this foundation so I will need to try it out again! Like you said, it's just honestly the perfect foundation for us girls with dry skin especially in the Spring and Summer time! xx

  • I recently purchased this and have been using it every day religiously, I love it – definitely works best when applied with a RT sponge haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Yep, it's a must have! x

  • Same here! I haven't opted for anything else in weeks xo

  • I love this foundation so much! I use it everyday and I am obsessed! Great post! x

  • I'm obsessed too. I can't stop wearing it!