Three Moisturisers to Try.

Three Moisturisers to Try.
I have been cursed with the dryest skin so as you can imagine moisturisers are a prime step in my skincare routine to soften, smoothen and hydrate my parched skin. I have three day moisturiser favourites that I swear by and opt for every morning to rehydrate my tired, dull skin. Today, I thought I’d share these with you..
Specially formulated for dry/dehydrated skin, Speed Plump is my go to most mornings. I usually find moisturisers made for drier skin tend to be quite thick but this is silky-light and sinks into the skin within seconds. Perfect for pre-makeup application! Not only that, it’s got the nicest watermelon scent and contains some fabulous ingredients such as raspberry stem cells to help provide elasticity and marine plant to smooth wrinkles for mature skin. This also gives my skin a nice dewy glow which as you know I’m obsessed with.
This budget option is probably the best I’ve tried! I can’t get enough of the Naturally Radiant range, it’s incredible and cheap, what’s not to love!? This cream is for Normal/Combi skin which I certainly don’t have but it still works really well on my skin. Not only does it contain SPF15, it also has a ton of skin loving ingredients such as Kiwi and Mulberry extract to help revive and even out skin tone. 
On the other end of the price point, we have this cream from Gatineau! This can be used both morning and night and whilst it’s actually quite a thick cream once applied on the skin, you can barely feel it, it transforms into a really light cream that absorbs in seconds and leaves no greasy feeling. This cream is said to enhance volume by plumping cells and leaves your face redefined. I haven’t noticed any remarkable differences yet but it is a great moisturiser, one I’m cherishing as it’s pretty expensive!
Which moisturisers are your go-to’s?

This post contains products sent to me for review purposes. All views are my own!

Laura x

  • I've been thinking about trying the Soap & Glory Speed Plump Moisturiser. I might have to pick it up! Great post! xx

    Maiya |

  • I've never considered skincare from Soap and Glory before, but that moisturiser sounds perfect for my needs! I'm definitely going to check that one out xxx

  • My favourite moisturiser is the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Riche, as it's really simple, super rich and hydrating for my dry skin. I love the sound of that Soap & Glory moisturiser, though. I haven't tried much of their skincare, but I'll definitely check this out next time I'm in Boots!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  • I haven't tried any of these, but the brightening radiance one sounds up my street! I want to try L'Oreal's Hydra Genius. Great post, thank you for sharing. I have a sale on my blog right now so please check it out if you are interested, lots of high end beauty picks that have been used once or not at all. Have a great day xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Blog Sale

  • I haven't tried any of these! I've been using Skin Food from Weleda recently as my skin has been so dry.
    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

  • Love the way these sound. I never tried these before lovely list 🙂

  • The Soap and Glory one sounds amazing!! x

  • They have a fab skincare range, I haven't tried a lot but of what I have tried, they have all been so good! xo

  • It's a great moisturiser xo

  • Sounds amazing! I haven't tried much from La Roche-Posay, I keep meaning to though! xo

  • Yess, I really want to try Hydra Genius too! It sounds fab. Thank you! xo

  • I have heard good things about Skin Food! xo

  • Thanks hun! 🙂 xo

  • It's fab! xo