Birchbox Stylist Guest Editor October Beauty Box

This month, Birchbox gave us the choice between two boxes with a different selection of products inside. Since I first subscribed back in March, this is the first time I’ve known what products I’ll be receiving in the box. I decided to choose the Stylist Guest Editor Box curated by Stylist Magazine Associate Beauty Editor, Joanna McGarry as the product choice seemed better than the Back to Basics Box. As always, this months box features 6 products from various brands..

Birchbox Stylist Guest Editor October Beauty Box

The product I got majorly excited about was the teeny tiny Bioderma Sensibio H2O. When I read that they were including a small bottle of Bioderma, I didn’t think it would be THIS small. It literally fits in the palm of my hand and is just the cutest thing. Although I have a small 100ml version of Bioderma for my holiday, it’s only half full so I’ll be popping this in too incase I run out!

Another product received in perfect time is the When Travelmate Sheet Masks. These masks are said to work wonders to soothe skin damaged by dry air, wind, UV rays and fatigue. I’ll definitely be popping these in my suitcase!

A gorgeous lip product is featured this month and I’ve fallen in love! It’s the 100% Pure Fruit Pigment Lip Glaze. The shade I received is Sultry and I would best describe it as a nude brown. The formula of this lip glaze is creamy and keeps the lips hydrated, it also smells amazing as it is made with pigments from fruits like cherries and blackberries. The packaging is also stunning!

There was a perfume sample included this month, something I’m never too pleased about when included in a beauty box however it is a gorgeous perfume. It’s from the brand English Laundry and is their No.7 perfume. It’s very fruity and very much a summer scent so not really one for this time of year unless like me, you like wearing these kind of scents all year round.

I was so happy to see a Rituals product included in a Birchbox again after loving the Rituals Fortune Scrub I received in the August box. This time round it’s the Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel included which is a shower gel that foams on contact with water so theres no need to lather – this does it for you. It sounds fab and smells oh so good, I can’t wait to try it out!

The last product comes from Parlour by Jeff Chastain. This brand has been featured before with their Sea Salt Spray making an appearance in May’s box. This month it’s the Smoothing Blow Out Spray. This is said to add instant volume, shine and protect the hair from heat damage. I’ve only tried one blowout spray from Label.M before and I haven’t really been too impressed so I’m looking forward to seeing how this compares!

I definitely think I chose the right box this month. Looking at the Back to Basics Box, the products just don’t really appeal. I mean, toothpaste? No thanks. If you like the look of Birchbox and fancy subscribing you can do so here. It’s only £12.95 a month and you get 6 deluxe beauty samples delivered to your door in a gorgeous box every month. It’s really worth it, not just for the box but for the points system as well! Each month, if you review the products you receive you’ll build up points which eventually can be spent in the Birchbox shop, I currently have £30 worth and can’t wait to have a little spree soon.

Laura x
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The Pre-Holiday Pamper

To me, a pre-holiday pampering is a must. I usually do have a little pamper every Sunday however this Sunday gone as it was the last one before heading off to Fuerteventura it involved a little more prep. Instead of opting to get things done at a salon, I decided to save a little extra holiday spending money and do everything myself.

The first thing to do is obviously pop on a nice face mask and the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask is the one. My ultimate favourite, I rarely use anything else. Acting like a magnet to draw out dirt clogging the pores, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and my pores are left significantly reduced. Love this stuff!

Whilst I apply the face mask, I’ll run a bath.. And every bath needs Lush bath bomb! The only one I have left from my recent Lush Haul is the Fizzbanger bath bomb. This bath bomb changes colour as it fizzes and calms breathing, slows the heartbeat and reduces feelings of anxiety. If you’re a nervous flyer this might be a good way to calm the nerves before you fly! This bath bomb makes for a really lovely, relaxing bath.

In the bath, I need to prep for epilating and tanning so a good body scrub to exfoliate with is needed. I’m currently loving the Rituals Fortune Scrub. Not only does it smell beautiful, it is really gentle on the skin. It is unlike any other scrub I’ve used in the past, it’s very mild, less harsh and turns really creamy on contact with water. It’s luxurious without the hefty price tag!

Now it’s onto removing leg hair which is obviously a must at all times but even more so on holiday, I’ll be wearing shorts and dresses after all! To make it last, instead of just shaving I opted to epilate. Something I haven’t done in a few weeks due to developing ingrown hairs, but now that I have the amazing Tend Skin to help with that, I’m back epliating again. (Read my review of Tend Skin here.)

Epilating done, it’s time to tan. I was going to use a fake tan but due to past fails and scaring myself off the idea, I’m sticking to the gradual tanner. Less scary, less likely to go wrong! There is no better than the Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion, I swear by this stuff. Not only does it tan gradually, it also moisturises giving you soft and glowing skin.

Last but not least, nails! A gorgeous pinky coral is a holiday must. The Essence The Gel Nail Polish in 47 Va-Va Voom is perfect. It gives the effect of a gel nail without the need of a lamp. Intensive colour, long lasting with an incredible gel shine in a soft matt effect.

What is your pre-holiday pamper routine?

Laura x
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Look Fantastic September Beauty Box | 1st Birthday Edition!

Look Fantastic September Beauty Box | 1st Birthday Edition!

Birchbox isn’t the only beauty box celebrating it’s birthday this month as the Look Fantastic box turns one! One year ago, the uh-mazing beauty site that is Look Fantastic launched their equally wonderful beauty box for us addicts who like to try out new products before forking out on the full size versions. I haven’t been buying the boxes for that long, I only ordered my first box back in February (if you want to have a read of that review, you can here) and each month I tell myself that it will be the last box I buy for a while because of the need to save money but once the next pre-order comes around, I can’t resist. This box is just filled with so many beauty treats each month!

Look Fantastic September Beauty Box | 1st Birthday Edition!

This month’s box (still available to buy!) is a little different from the usual boxes. If you buy the boxes or have read posts on past editions, you’ll know the box is usually plain black with the Look Fantastic logo on it. However this month’s features a lovely confetti design on a white background and I actually prefer this. Also not forgetting the pretty tiffany blue like tissue paper inside which I love! The box is a teeny bit bigger too and contains 8 products this time round instead of the usual 6. So here is what was inside!

Starting with the products from one of my favourite skincare brands, Caudalie. I have tried two products from their Vinoperfect line, the serum and tinted moisturiser which I absolutely adore. So I’m quite excited to try these two products from the Vinosource line next. The Vinosource line is said to be ‘care for sensitive skin’ and is perfect for me as I can suffer from sensitivity now and then. The first product is the Moisturizing Sorbet which is described as a ‘sensitive skin saviour’, the Moisturizing Sorbet has an immediate and long lasting calming and soothing effect on the skin. It is said to reactivate skins hydration mechanisms and restore it’s water reserves. The other Caudalie product in the box is the S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum which is perfect timing as I’ve just finished my Vinoperfect Radiance serum. This serum is lightweight, oil free and has a fast absorbing formula to capture and diffuse water deep within to restore skins moisture balance and leave it feeling refreshed, hydrated and soft.

Another skincare item included is the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash from Bliss. A 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliator that is enriched with rose hips, chamomile and passion flower, it carefully buffs away dead skin cells whilst also removing make up and dirt leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh.

The last skincare item is from Codage Paris. A brand I’ve not yet heard of, I initially thought this was a body exfoliator when it is in fact a facial exfoliator. The Codage Creme Gommante Scrubbing Cream is a rich and soothing emulsion made from fine rice particles enabling optimal facial exfoliation. This can be used on any skin type, even sensitive. This cream eliminates impurities and dead skin cells whilst leaving your complexion smooth, even and glowing. I really can’t wait to try this out!

With my upcoming holiday, I’m going to try and attempt to fake tan so the Monu Tanworx Tan Maintainer was a product I was happy to receive. The Tanworx Self Tanning Lotion was included in May’s box and was the product I was thinking of using to tan for my holiday so this is great timing! The Tanworx Tan Maintainer is a moisturiser that works to maintain your tan making it last that bit longer. Formulated with carrot oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil to moisturise the skin plus hyaluronic acid and seaweed. It’s no surprise with these ingredients that it smells lush..

The last few are all hair products and the first two are a shampoo and conditioner duo from Sebastian Professional Penetraitt. This duo is specially formulated to protect over styled, stressed and chemically treated hair and is formulated with an active rescue system which penetrates deep into the hair structure to repair hair and restore it’s natural health and vitality.

The last product which also happened to be the first to catch my eye due to it’s glass bottle is the Phyto Phytokeratine Extreme Cream. Developed for ultra damaged, dry and brittle hair, this is a leave in cream designed to nourish and repair hair. It also provides heat protection to prevent further breakage and split ends whilst also shielding humidity for frizz free locks.

This birthday edition beauty box from Look Fantastic is most definitely one of their best that I’ve received however I do feel at least one make up item would of been a nice edition, this box does seem to be featuring less make up which is a little disappointing!

Did you receive the birthday edition box? What are your thoughts on it?

Laura x
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Tend Skin

You may remember back in July, I shared my thoughts on epilating for the first time. You can read that here. In the post, I mentioned how I’d developed a couple of ingrown hairs but over time it got worse, nearly every hair became ingrown and my legs started to look rather horrible, it put me off epilating for some time as no matter how much I exfoliated beforehand, the hairs would still grow inwards. So I needed to find a solution, I scoured the internet and couldn’t find anything that seemed to work.

During my search, I ended up on one of my favourite blogs, Vivianna Does Makeup and reading a post from back in 2013 where Anna had mentioned Tend Skin. I knew that if Anna mentioned it on her blog, it must work so I placed an order straight away.

The Tend Skin Ingrown Hair Solution claims to reduce unsightly ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn for usage on legs, bikini lines, under arms and mens beards. Tend Skin comes in various formulas, however the liquid version is the only readily available version in the UK. It also comes in 3 different sizes: 118ml, 236ml and 472ml.

It is suggested you test a small patch before using as you can develop a reaction and if you’re allergic to aspirin then unfortunately this isn’t for you. I apply it to my legs using a cotton pad wiping upwards and it dries almost instantly so there is no waiting around if you’re applying it in a hurry. The smell of Tend Skin is very strong and very much like nail polish remover.

It took a couple of uses before I saw anything happen. I then began to notice the ingrown hairs were starting to lift and get closer to the surface of the skin. Eventually, they would be out and I’d then shave them off. If you epilate or wax, I would recommend not doing so until the problem is solved, shave instead! When you go back to epilating or waxing, use Tend Skin after to prevent the hairs from growing inwards.

I’ve been using Tend Skin morning and night now for around two weeks and the difference is amazing! I was a little sceptical at first about this working, but it really does work. I still have a few ingrown hairs but no where near as many I had before. Tend Skin is definitely an ingrown hair saviour! So if you suffer from ingrown hairs, I definitely recommend this product.

Laura x
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A Lush Cosmetics Haul

In the past, I would of never considered myself that much of a Lush fan. Whilst I loved the few products I’d tried and that heavenly smell that hits you as you walk in store, for some reason I just wasn’t that taken by it. However, last weekend I took the opportunity to pop in store and that all changed. After spending nearly £30, I’m now considering ordering another load online (yes, already) and I’m dying to visit the Oxford St flagship store that looks absolutely incredible. So without further ado, here’s what I bought..

A Lush Cosmetics Haul

Starting off with a repurchase, this is an absolute favourite of mine. I decided to pick up the Bubblegum Lip Scrub because my original one had literally just gone out of date. Perfect timing! This lip scrub tastes so good you’ll want to eat the entire thing. I love that it’s completely safe to lick off your lips after using it to exfoliate them. I can suffer with really dry, chapped lips so this lip scrub is a lifesaver, I use this then apply a lip balm over the top for soft, supple lips.

A product that really intrigued me was the Big Sea Salt Shampoo. I have really flat, boring hair so I’m always looking for products that can give it a little more volume and bring it to life. I also think this would be a great shampoo to use in the lead up to and during my holiday to hopefully achieve stunning beachy hair, heres hoping!

When I first set eyes on the Twilight Bath Bomb, I knew I had to get it. I absolutely love the star and moon imprints and it’s lavender scent smells gorgeous. The only bath product from this haul I’ve used so far, this bath bomb starts to dissolve immediately. It starts off rather foamy, the colour at first is pink then turns blue. Once completely dissolved, the water turns lilac and if you look close enough you’ll see that the water glistens, it’s really beautiful! I found this to be really relaxing and calming, perfect for a bath before bed.

I love the occasional bubble bath so picking up a bubble bar was a must. I chose the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar mainly for it’s lovely sweet candy floss like scent. Creamy Candy contains almond oil and cocoa butter chunks that melt onto the surface of the water, giving skin a velvety like texture. I can’t wait to try this out!

Last but not least is the Fizzbanger Bath Bomb. Again, I just chose this mainly for the apple and cinnamon scent. I’m really intrigued by this bath bomb as it is said to reduce feelings of anxiety and as an anxious person, this is something that could help. Fizzbanger contains popping candy, cinnamon, petitgrain oil and ylang ylang.

What are your favourite Lush products? Any recommendations?

Laura x

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