5 Destinations on my Travel Bucket List.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance to travel to some beautiful places from the gorgeous island of Corfu in Greece to one of Europe’s most cultural cities, Amsterdam. But, this still hasn’t stopped me from having a serious case of wanderlust, I’m always yearning to travel far and wide. My Travel wish list is as long as my arm and features places in all of Earth’s continents from the USA to Asia. But there are 5 destinations on my Bucket list that I have to visit..

My ultimate dream destination! A holiday to New York has always been my number one wish and when I finally get there, it’ll be a dream come true. I’m not sure why I have such a connection to this city, especially when I’ve never been there but I am obsessed with everything New York! If anything New York related is ever on the TV, it’s a must watch. I’m also addicted to buying New York related homewares from mugs to cushions.. For someone who’s never been, it’s pretty extreme. I honestly can’t wait until I can get on a plane bound for New York, please let it be soon.

Yes, another US city! I’ve always wanted to visit the City of Angels and do some celeb spotting, visit Venice Beach, go shopping at The Grove and even do a hike up Runyon Canyon. Yes, a hike. The girl who hates exercise would be willing to do a hike if it was up Runyon Canyon haha! There are many other places around LA I’d love to visit too like Malibu & Santa Monica.

I blame Youtubers/Influencers/Bloggers on Instagram for this one! The Maldives seem to be a popular destination among these people and in all honestly, I don’t blame them because it is a stunning nation. I just get jealous because it is such a luxe, expensive place I’ll unlikely ever be able to afford. The crystal clear waters, the white sand, blue skies.. ahh. I’ll carry on dreamin’..

This is pretty new on the bucket list, I never really wanted to go as bad as I do now. If I had to pick between Australia & NZ, it’d be NZ without a doubt however much I would like to visit Oz. But one thing about Australia that terrifies me is the bugs and the birds. As someone with a huge fear of birds, it’s not the ideal destination haha! New Zealand looks like a stunning country with magnificent scenery. I’m also now eager to see the Southern Lights more than the Northern (those pink hues look so much prettier!) and New Zealand is one of the best places.

There’s no specific city with this one, anywhere in Italy will do. Rome, Venice, Milan.. anywhere.. So why is this a dream destination? Well, the food. In all honesty, it’s the food. As a pasta addict and pizza lover, I’m dying to try the real deal cooked by Italians themselves. Bolognese, Lasagna.. even the ice creams. Mmmm… but another reason I’d love to visit is because it looks like a beautiful country with so much culture. To visit Rome and see the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain would be incredible. Someone book me a ticket, please..

Which destinations are on your Travel bucket list? 

Laura x
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7 More Instagrams To Follow.

A few months ago, I shared 7 Instagram accounts that you should follow in 2017, you can read that here. Well, fast forward a few months, I thought I would share 7 more beautiful feeds that I consider to be some of my favourites. Some are new discoveries and some I’ve been following for a while and you may follow them already but if you don’t, what are you waiting for? Click that follow button, asap.

7 More Instagrams To Follow.

Francisca | FranciscaMayyy 

Francisca’s account is absolute goals! So so beautiful. I’ve not been following her for long and I don’t know why it took me so long to find her feed. Her feed has become one of my favourites very quickly and every image is just so beautifully shot. I just love those pink hues! I wish I could achieve something so beautiful as Francisca’s feed. Mine looks so dull in comparison!

7 More Instagrams To Follow.

Laura | LauraMillsMakeup

Another beautiful feed from makeup artist and fellow beauty blogger Laura… Not only does she have a fabulous name (ha!) but her feed is absolutely delightful. You might see a theme developing here.. Laura’s feed also has a gorgeous pink tone to it and I must admit these kind of feeds draw me in. What can I say? Pink is my favourite colour after all 🙂

7 More Instagrams To Follow.

Leanne | lpbeautyblog

Leanne’s blog is one of my favourites for detailed reviews on everything from makeup to skincare but her Instagram is also one of my favourites! I love how simple her theme is with just the products, marble/fluffy backgrounds and a few props featured.. nothing too fancy but still just as lovely, unique and they stand out remarkably, so you’ll always know a photo Leanne took which is something I try to aim for with mine (still trying!) and I think everyone else should too. It’s good to have photos that stand out from the rest and are easily recognisable. 🙌

7 More Instagrams To Follow.

Lynnsay | Sartorialscot

I’ve not long been following Lynnsay but her feed has quickly become a favourite! She posts everything from beauty to her gorgeous outfits to her amazing breakfasts in bed (which always makes me overly jealous). Another thing that makes me insanely jealous is her incredible wardrobe! This girl has got style and has made my clothing wish list even longer since I started following her!

7 More Instagrams To Follow.

Sally | sallyokelly

I have loved Sally’s blog for ages now and her Instagram too! I love how colourful her feed and photos are. Her flatlays aren’t your ‘typical’ blogger flatlay, they are so much more vibrant and just down right pretty. I also love her outfit photos and of course, ones of her adorable pup, Elsie. Again, her photo’s stand out from the rest. 👏

7 More Instagrams To Follow.

Jodie | jodiemelissaxo

Another favourite blog of mine is Jodie’s and of course, I love her Instagram too! Her feed is bloody beautiful and I get a lot of inspiration from it as I’m sure many others do too. Her photography is always on point. 👌  She’s definitely one to follow if you’re not already.

7 More Instagrams To Follow.

Caitlin | tt_mirror 

Back on the pink hues theme with Caitlin’s feed which I adore! Her photography is amazing and again, very unique and so aesthetically pleasing thanks to all her rose gold items like those amazing Eiffel Tower scissors 😍  Since discovering Caitlin’s feed, my beauty wishlist has grown and my bank account won’t too pleased about it soon enough..

Make sure to check out my previous post from January, 7 Instagram Accounts To Follow in 2017, for more dreamy feeds that I’m smitten with!

Which feeds are your favourites? I’m always looking for more to follow! If you want you can follow me here, but I can’t guarantee a feed as beautiful as the ones featured!

Laura x
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S+ By Resmed Review

Ever since I was little, I’ve struggled with sleep. I am a complete night owl which results in me going to bed after midnight most nights and then struggling to get up in the mornings. I have tried many things to help improve my sleep like attempting to get a routine in place but I find it impossible to keep it going and often fail within a week or two. I know I’d feel a lot more alert and productive if I had a routine but it’s just not enough for some reason. So, when I was given the chance to review the S+ by ResMed*, I was looking forward to seeing how it worked and if it could help me..

S+ by Resmed Review

These days there are many tracking devices for things such as exercise and of course, sleep. But you’ll find that wearable devices dominate the market. I have tried using my FitBit to track my sleep in the past but have found it to be quite uncomfortable and distracting. The S+ By Resmed is the world’s first non-contact wireless sleep solution.

So how does it work? The S+ sits on your bedside table and uses breathing patterns to record your sleep. It also factors in things like light levels and room temperature to see how this may be affecting your quality of sleep. Via Bluetooth, it syncs to an app on your phone which the next morning will give you a detailed look and personalised feedback on your sleep including a ‘sleep score’. Before you go to sleep, you will be asked to answer a few lifestyle questions such as how much exercise you did that day and how much caffeine you consumed. See examples of mine below!

S+ by Resmed Review

S+ by Resmed Review

This was my best sleep score yet from the 27th February. As you can see, my sleep score was 79 and the ideal sleep score is 100. My total sleep time was 6hrs 9mins which isn’t ideal as you are meant to get at least 8hrs of sleep a night.

The app also gives you a look at your stages of sleep. On the 27th February, I had 1h 56m of REM sleep, 2h 46m of light and 1h 27m of deep sleep.

The next morning once you stop tracking your sleep, the S+ mentor will give you tips on how to improve your sleep with certain activities like walking or yoga.

The S+ also has a few other features such as the Smart Alarm which allows you to set a time window for the S+ to gradually wake you from a light sleep. This is said to make you feel more refreshed. Relax To Sleep provides you with a choice of relaxing sounds that help you drift off to sleep quicker and the Mind Clear feature offers you the chance to record anything that may be on your mind before sleeping.

I am definitely starting to see an improvement in my sleep since I started using the S+, my sleeping pattern is still not ideal but I don’t think a device alone can fix that, it’s up to me to change that too. However, I am definitely feeling more refreshed in the mornings and more productive in my day to day life.

If you wish to know more about the S+ by ResMed, why not check out their website here. And if you wish to purchase the S+, you can do so here.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Would you use a device like the S+?

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. However, all views are my own.

Laura x

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What I Got For Christmas 2016.

Being the nosy person that I am, What I Got For Christmas posts have to be one of my favourite posts to read! I know some people think it’s bragging, but it’s most definitely not and I know this is a bit late, but better late than never, huh?! If you wrote one of these posts, please leave a link in the comments!

What I Got For Christmas 2016.

This Christmas was a quiet one which was nice after such a hectic, emotional year. I didn’t get as many presents as I normally would, but as we all know, that’s just all part of getting older! (Can I go back to being a kid, please?!) However, I appreciate every gift I did receive and it’s not all about presents but spending precious time with family too, having fun and eating too much!

Usually, I’d get a lot of makeup related gifts but surprisingly this year, I only ended up with one! Haha. The Benefit Besties Gift Set was on my list and my lovely Mum got it for me. It includes six deluxe mini versions of Benefit’s bestsellers such as Hoola, Gimme Brow and They’re Real. It also contains a makeup bag, tips and tricks booklet and £5 worth of Boots Advantage points when you purchase any full-size Benefit bestseller product. It’s a really lovely gift and I’m glad I’m finally able to give Hoola a try!

What I Got For Christmas 2016.

My Mum also got me another bottle of my favourite perfume, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I received my first bottle for Christmas 2 years ago and it started to run low just before Christmas. Perfect timing! I just adore this scent.

Last Christmas, my best friend bought me a Pandora bracelet, so inevitably I got two new charms for Christmas this year! I got the Jolly Father Christmas charm and the Christmas Kitten Charm. They are both so cute. 

What I Got For Christmas 2016.

Other bits that were on my list were a Cinematic Light Box mainly as a blog photo prop although it is a nice addition to my shelf! Yankee Candles were also on the list, I received the Holiday Party 5 Votives Gift Set which contains 5 votives and they all smell incredible! I am currently burning Red Apple Wreath, it’s sooo good.

If you know me then you’ll know about my obsession with The Walking Dead. Whenever I get obsessed with a TV show, it kind of becomes a tradition for me to get the DVD every year, so this year I received the Season 6 DVD, can’t wait to have a re-watch!

As well as buying me the Jolly Father Christmas charm, my best friend also got me some other wonderful presents! She got me two Lush items, the re-useable Magic of Christmas bubble bar and the Father Christmas bath bomb. I haven’t got round to using them yet but as you can imagine, they smell amazing!

Lastly, she got us both a Spa Day at the Clifford Day Spa in Nottingham. I’m so excited, I’ve always wanted to go on a spa day! God knows I need it after all the stress and worry I’ve gone through recently. We’re hoping to go at Easter, I can’t wait!


What was your favourite Christmas present that you received this year?

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It’s just two days until the big day and today, I thought I’d share my Christmas wishlist. Everything I’d love to unwrap on Christmas morning. Some things are probably a bit far fetched and are unlikely to be found under the tree but hey, a girl can dream right? Let me know what you’re hoping to receive on Christmas morning in the comments.

My list this year isn’t as long as past years but I have popped a few ‘big’ present ideas on it. To improve on my blog photos, I really want to get my hands on a DSLR camera. A Canon one preferably, I’m currently looking at the Canon 1300D as it’s one of the cheaper options but sounds and looks good. If I don’t receive it, I will be saving up and buying it myself in a few months. Do you have this camera? Would you recommend it? Also going a little bit retro, I’d love an Instax Mini Camera too.

I’ve really gotten into homeware in recent months and have become obsessed with browsing stores such as West Elm and Oliver Bonas (to name just a few!) online. Ideally, I’d love to have the whole Oliver Bonas shop bought for me but that’s not going to happen. Homeware gifts I’d love to receive include this mirror from Oliver Bonas, a Rifle Paper Co 2017 Calendar, A whole load of Yankee Candles and a Cinematic Lightbox (these are so cool!)

Being a beauty blogger, a lot of makeup is obviously on the list! I want to get my hands on the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, I keep meaning to buy it but never do! Other bits include the Soap & Glory Glamorama Set, No7 The Classic Brush Set (these look beautiful) and anything from Charlotte Tilbury would be the icing on the cake. I need to try something from Charlotte Tilbury soon.


What’s on your Christmas list?

Laura x
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