April Favourites

Another month, another favourites post. Although saying that, I never got round to doing one last month due to everything I had going on in life so this post is long overdue, I am probably including a few products that would have been featured in March’s favourites to be honest. But never the less, these are the products I’ve been loving and using a lot recently!

April Favourites

Let’s start with the obvious. If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll have seen me mention MAC Brave on what feels like a billion occasions. I’m obsessed ok? But yes, I do feel as if I’ve mentioned this lipstick at least once in most of my posts recently but I guess it shows how much I love this shade of lipstick. It’s so pretty. Best described as a pink-beige shade, I just can’t get enough of how lovely it looks on my lips. And it’s satin formula is incredible, semi-matte so long lasting and non drying with great pigmentation. Best purchase in a while.

I used to just apply my concealer with my fingers, it never gave a great finish but it did the job and I didn’t really think any more of it. I then came across these little sponges, the Mini Power Puffs by W7 Cosmetics. I had used the bigger Power Puff sponges to apply my foundation with and loved them so I had to give these a go as they are the perfect size for concealer application. And they are so good! The tear drop shape allows me to easily access hard to reach places and creates a flawless and smooth finish to my concealer, I will definitely never go back to applying concealer with just my fingers!

Another favourite for the under eye area is the Tony Moly Eye Brightening Base. Before I apply my concealer with my Mini Power Puffs, I use this to brighten and hydrate the area. It also makes my concealer apply better and last longer. Not to mention it has the most cutest packaging I’ve ever seen for a beauty product.

Now that it’s finally getting sunnier and warmer (hooray), I’ve been loving wearing lighter bases and my skin has been loving it too. The Bourjois City Radiance foundation has been pretty much perfect for this time of year. It has an anti dullness formula that boosts radiance and gives your complexion a natural, glowing appearance. It also contains SPF30 to protect your skin from the sun.

I haven’t bought much in the way of new make up recently so I’ve been ‘shopping my stash’ as they say. I’ve rediscovered my love for the MaxFactor Creme Puff Blushes and I’ve been wondering why on earth I stopped using them because they are so good! I own two shades and my favourite is Lovely Pink. The best shade on offer for pale skin, it’s subtle and just adds a hint of colour to the cheeks.

Lastly, a non beauty related favourite that I had to include. My trip to Amsterdam was definitely the highlight of April. After going through quite a hard, worrying time during mid-March it was just what I needed and I completely fell in love with the city and it’s beautiful scenery. You know you loved it when it’s a place you want to go back to! I’ve written one post on my trip already here and there will be another one or two to come. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

What have you been loving in April?

Laura x
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What's In My Handbag | Amsterdam Edition

I recently got back from my trip to Amsterdam and thought I’d show you what I carried in my handbag during my travels. It’s not the most interesting thing in the world but I’ll be honest, I kind of just wanted to show off my beautiful new bag hehe! There will be another one or two Amsterdam posts coming soon sharing what I got up to and some tips for you if you’re planning a trip to the Netherland’s beautiful capital city soon.

What's In My Handbag | Amsterdam Edition

Firstly, let’s talk about the bag. I’m completely obsessed with the Chloe Drew Bag and have constantly been looking for similar bags/dupes because I can’t afford to fork out a grand on one bag. I was out food shopping in Sainsbury’s one day and I came across this little beauty. It’s the perfect Chloe Drew dupe for only £14. Even though it’s small, I find it quite roomy and can fit a fair bit in it, I love that it can be worn crossbody as the majority of my bags are crossbody and it’s my favourite style of bag, I also adore the gold hardware. Unfortunately, the bag is no longer available online but if you’re lucky, it may still be in stock in your local store!

Now onto the bags contents!

Obviously as I was travelling to another country, my passport was a necessity. As was my Eurolines ticket (I have kept the stub as a keepsake!) or otherwise I wouldn’t be getting on the coach and therefore wouldn’t of even got to Amsterdam. There will be more on Eurolines and their service in an upcoming Amsterdam post, so if you want to know more make sure you check out that post when it’s up.

Evidently, my purse and my phone are my handbag essentials because I cannot live without them. Especially my purse. I mean, what fun would Amsterdam be without zero cash? The horror.

In the little star print card holder are my train tickets, Oyster card and the iAmsterdam city card was stored in here too. Again, more on this will be included in a future post but it’s a good little card to have if you’re a tourist in Amsterdam, reasonably priced too.

There are 3 things in my handbag at all times, I can’t leave the house without these as I’d probably go into panic mode. Ok, that might be a bit extreme. One is a lip balm as I always have crazy dry lips, I’m currently using the Bioderma Atoderm Moisturising Stick. Two is a hand cream for when my hands get dry and I love Soap & Glory’s Hand Food and lastly is a strip of paracetamol tablets just incase I get a headache or some other pain while I’m out and about.

Recently, MAC’s Brave has been coming everywhere with me, it’s constantly in my bag even when I’m not wearing it that particular day. However, I did wear it a lot in Amsterdam.

And lastly to keep me occupied on my long 11 hour coach journey from London to Amsterdam and back, I had my earphones to listen to music on my phone and as you are all probably aware, iPhone batteries never last anywhere near 11 hours and thankfully as the coach had plug sockets (albeit European ones) I could charge my phone with my adapter. As I’m a bit of a granny, I also had a book of Crossword puzzles in the bag too.

Laura x

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all well. Long time no blog! You may have been wondering where I’ve been these past two weeks and why there hasn’t been any new posts from me. Well, since the date of my last post, a relative of mine has been very unwell and due to all the anxiousness, worrying and what not, I just haven’t been in the right frame of mind to sit down and write blog posts. I wasn’t going to write a post on where I’ve been, I was just going to stick an apology on to the beginning of a regular post but I felt like this post would be a good idea.

I’m still off to Amsterdam next week, I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d still be able to go but thankfully, I can as everything is looking positive. I’m looking forward to it, though probably not as excited as I would’ve been but this trip is just what I need right now to take my mind off things and spend a few days away with my two closest friends, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Have you been? Got any recommendations on what we should do? We have a few things planned but would love to have some other choices as well.

I’m going to have loads of posts scheduled for while I’m away and normal posting will resume on Monday with a review of a favourite new lipstick from MAC which I’m so in love with. When I get back from Amsterdam, I have a few Amsterdam related posts planned which I’m excited to write and also excited for you guys to read!

Also on my One Year of Blogging post, I mentioned that I was in the process of changing my blog name, getting a domain & a new theme. That’s obviously been put on hold but hopefully in a couple of weeks I can get to work on it again as this theme is starting to look a little dated.

Anyway, normal posting will resume from Monday! I hope you’re all well, had a lovely Easter last weekend and ate loads of chocolate!

Laura x
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5 TV Shows You Need To Watch

Hi. My name is Laura and I’m a major US TV Show Addict. I watch far too many that I can’t keep up with, I’m behind on all but two at the moment and I still want to watch more. Today, I thought I’d share my favourite five that I think you need to be watching..

The Walking Dead |
A few years back, I would of have said that a little show called Lost was my favourite tv show ever. I would have never of thought any other show would ever come close or even replace it as my favourite.. that is until I started watching The Walking Dead about two years ago. This show is the definition of epic. It does take a little while to get into if you’re not into gore. It took me about a month to finish watching the pilot episode due to being completely grossed out by the bicycle girl zombie (TWD fans know what I’m on about!) however after a few episodes you get used to it and now I’m completely unfazed by it all. Michonne beheads a walker? Doesn’t bother me! Daryl’s arms make up for it. *drool* Ahem, maybe I should give you a little insight into what it’s about? If you haven’t guessed already.. It’s a zombie apocalypse and the show follows Rick Grimes as he becomes leader of a group of survivors who battle it out to survive. I can’t say much more without writing a whole essay and giving everything away, so definitely give it a watch!

The Vampire Diaries |
This time last year, I probably wouldn’t have included this here. No matter how much I love it! It got soppy and became a love story that had me wanting to reach for the sick bucket every week and everything revolved around saving Elena who whined and whined and it got pretty annoying, the only thing that kept me watching were my boys, Damon & Stefan. Season 7 has made the show improve immensely, I won’t say why because that would be a huge spoiler. Season 1, Season 3 and Season 7 in my opinion are the best seasons and even though I complain about the soppiness, it is definitely worth a watch if you’re into supernatural/vampire dramas.

Pretty Little Liars |
Everyone and their mother seem to be watching this show now and rightly so! It may seem like your typical teeny sitcom drama from the outside but it is so much more than that. It follows the lives of four friends after the disappearance of their friend in the first season, they begin to receive messages from an unknown figure known as “A” who threatens them with all sorts such as exposing their deepest secrets. It can be quite brutal, disturbing and violent at times so this is why I wouldn’t call it a typical teen drama. Now on it’s sixth season, the show is taking a slightly different direction but still with the threat of an unknown figure. A great series if you’re into mystery thrillers.

New Girl |
New Girl is my probably my favourite comedy on the air right now, it’s hilarious! It is a proper belly laugh, I have many a time woken my mother up from laughing too loud whilst watching. It follows Jess who moves into an LA Loft with three men after a break up and revolves around their lives, careers and relationships etc. My favourite character has to be Nick, he has me crying with laughter each episode. I’m even just laughing writing this with his quotes popping up in my head.

Modern Family |
Another laugh out loud comedy or ‘mockumentary’ as it’s known, it’s amazing! Now in it’s seventh season, it’s the most popular comedy on American TV and I can definitely see why, it’s hilarious. It follows the life of Jay Pritchett and his family. My favourite character is Phil Dunphy. Just because that man is the best, I wish he was my dad! He’s hysterical. Give this a go if you like a light hearted comedy!

What are your favourite tv shows? Any recommendations to add to my never ending ‘I need to watch that’ list?

Laura x
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February Favourites

Here we are again, another monthly favourites post! I feel like February flew by even with the extra day. But hurrah, March is here so thankfully Winter is now behind us and hopefully the warmer weather will arrive soon? We can hope! It also means one month until my trip to Amsterdam so I’m excited about that! Anyway, this month’s favourites are a little varied. It includes a rediscovery, a christmas present and the most stunning make up brushes ever..

February Favourites

When it comes to hair products, I’ve been always been a bit sceptical. I rarely ever buy them, most of them are samples I’ve received. This is because I find they never do anything, nothing ever changes, my hair always looks and feels the same. I’ve always thought of them as a fad. That is until I tried the Shine Spray from Label.M aka a product that actually works! This spray really transforms dull hair with it’s blend of bamboo, fig, echinacea and juniper. It also protects hair from the affects of hair styling and the sun’s UV rays. The result is gorgeous, glossy hair with a lovely shine.

A re discovery this month comes from Sleek and it’s their amazing Face Contour Kit in Light. I can’t believe I forgot I owned this. I’m not big on contouring but I’ve decided to give it another go and I don’t think I’d ever use anything else. It includes a silky matte contour powder that blends like a dream and a stunning illuminating highlighter to add a natural glow. The shades are the perfect match for pale skin!

In this month’s Birchbox, they gave us the chance to try out a product from their new in house beauty line, LOC. The LOC One & Done Shadow Stick in Champagne Problems is stunning and I’ve been wearing it a lot this month as it just makes life so much easier, just one swipe and you’re done. No need to blend with brushes so if you’re in a rush, it’s perfect! It also lasts really well without primer.

Back in January, I managed to pick up the beautiful Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Essentials Set on sale from £64 down to £25 which was an amazing bargain and I’m so glad I bought them. Not only are they beautiful, they work well too. My favourite has to be the 300 Tapered Blush brush which offers flawless application of blush and highlighter.

A skincare item I’ve been loving this month is the Codage Paris Eclat & Energie serum which I’ve been able to try thanks to the Look Fantastic Beauty Box.. this serum is incredible and has become an essential in my skincare routine. It’s specially formulated to banish fatigue and ageing in tired dull skin and it does exactly that, my skin looks so radiant after use. I just wish it wasn’t so pricey!

The last item is my gorgeous Pandora bracelet that I got from my best friend at Christmas. I just adore this so much, everything about it is so thoughtful. I love that Pandora charms signify something special such as the Paw charm for my three dogs and the best friend charm that was bought along with the bracelet. I can’t wait until I can add some more charms as it does look a little bare at the moment!

What have you been loving in February?

Laura x
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