A Concealer Round Up.

About a year ago, I did a whole post dedicated to concealers I had in my collection at the time. You can read that here. Fast forward a year, I still own a few of these but I’ve also added a whole load more thanks to my concealer hoarding tendencies. I think I’m a bit addicted to buying concealers, if I’m honest and I’m really picky too. I’m constantly looking for one that does everything.. conceals my hideous dark circles and bags that I’ve been genetically blessed with, brightens and hydrates my dry under eye area and doesn’t crease. My holy grail is the Collection Lasting Perfection, I swear by it.. but it could still be improved as I find it doesn’t have great lasting power and can crease a little. Today, I’ve got a concealer roundup featuring all the additions to my concealer collection since my Concealers: The Good & The Bad post..

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer |
A really nice creamy concealer but with abysmal coverage. I had such high hopes for this concealer but it just doesn’t deliver. You can see how creamy and thick this is in the swatches below and you’d think this would provide great coverage but I think the problem is that it’s just too thick. I find it quite hard to blend.

LA Girl Pro Conceal |
I bought this off eBay which probably wasn’t my wisest moment but as far as I can tell, its the real deal. I’ve had no problems with it, whatsoever. The only thing is that I bought a shade that is far more corrector on me than concealer. Classic Ivory which is the 3rd lightest. But that’s fine! You can buy these on a whole range of UK sites now such as BeautyBay and they are so cheap but really deliver. I can’t wear this on it’s own because it’s far too dark but I will definitely buy a lighter shade soon. I love the texture of this, it’s thick but not thick that I find it too hard to blend and it provides a long lasting base for my concealer.

NYX Dark Circle Concealer |
This is a nice concealer but I don’t wear it too often mainly because I’m not too keen on sticking my finger in a pot as it always gets stuck in my nails, yuck. But I find that this does not crease or set into fine lines even though it’s quite mattifying, it provides a nice coverage but I wouldn’t say it’s the best. If you’re having a particularly good skin day and had a good nights sleep, this one would be a good option.

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer |
A blogger favourite, this concealer is raved about constantly and is said to be as good as Collection Lasting Perfection. I don’t agree. Whilst it’s nice, it’s definitely not on the same level. It’s got good coverage but it’s not as brightening or as creamy as Lasting Perfection. I also find it creases a lot more too. If I’m just popping out and need some concealer, I will wear this but for a long day out or at work, I probably wouldn’t opt for this one.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer |
Whilst I like this concealer, the shade range is dreadful. The lightest option is almost the same shade as the LA Girl in Classic Ivory. Maybelline really need to introduce a few more shades into this product both lighter and darker. I would imagine the darkest shade isn’t even that dark, that’s how it looks anyway. But it terms of coverage and what not, its good but I wear it underneath a lighter concealer and use it more as a corrector. I do like the sponge applicator, funnily enough.

A Concealer Round Up Swatches

As you can see from the swatches above, the lightest shades do really range from brand to brand! Some really aren’t ‘light’ at all. The only one which isn’t the lightest shade available is the LA Girl one. This makes it really hard when choosing a concealer for my skin tone!

Have you tried any of these concealers? What are your thoughts?

Laura x

My Favourite Glow-Getters for Spring.

I love nothing more than a dewy, glowing complexion. As I have rather dry, dull skin anything that promises to brighten goes straight in the basket! Over time, I have accumulated a lot of products I now swear by to make my skin look healthier, more radiant and glowing. Whilst I love radiant skin all year round, Spring is the perfect season to rock that lit from within look. Today, I’m sharing my top products from makeup to skincare that help me achieve luminosity.

My Favourite Glow-Getters for Spring.


Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel |
Any cleanser can help awaken the skin but this one I swear by. It’s not cheap but it’s so worth the price tag, I love using this in the mornings as I find it really wakens me and my skin, leaves it feeling soft and looking bright and more radiant, all that dullness has vanished and I actually look well. I’m not kidding, my skin is so pale and dull, I look ill most of the time. Skincare products like this are now an essential for me. I’m running low on this so I definitely need to get some money together and buy another.

Pixi Glow Tonic |
I’ve not been using this that long but it has quickly become a staple in my routine, a forever repurchase! It really is no surprise that it is such a cult favourite. It contains 5% Glycolic acid which is a known glow-giving ingredient that gently exfoliates the skin to reveal a more healthy, fresher looking complexion. I’m also running low on this so a repurchase is definitely needed!


NYX Born to Glow Sunbeam Liquid Illuminator |
I love wearing this underneath my foundation as a primer or mixed with it to really perk up my complexion and give the sense of a natural radiancy as foundation alone is usually not enough. Sunbeam is the perfect choice for pale to light skin tones, it’s a pearlescent shade that has a gorgeous sheen to it. My only gripe with this is that it drys within seconds so if wearing alone you really need to be quick to blend so you’re not left looking like a sparkly disco ball. Yes, this is sparkly, but if you’re careful and blend well, it’s beautiful.

L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation |
I was going to feature my favourite Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation here but if there’s one foundation that beats it in terms of dewiness and radiancy, it’s this one. It’s the perfect light, summer base that I’m sure many will be donning when the warmer weather decides to stay put. I recommend this to everyone that wants a light, sheer foundation that gives the appearance of natural, healthy skin. If you’re having a bad skin day or just need more coverage in general, this isn’t the foundation for you. Coverage is very minimal!

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop |
Now we’re onto the highlighters and recently, I’ve become quite the hoarder. I’m addicted. Champagne Pop is my favourite for special occasions or when I want that highlight on fleek. (Did I really just type that? I swore I would never use that term, ha!) This is seriously pigmented, I still can’t get over that damn pigmentation. You really have to be careful not to go too overboard with this one, but I can honestly say even if you do, you’ll still look dazzlingly beaut. This champagne (obv) hued highlighter gives the cheekbones a gorgeous pop of radiancy.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer |
Another top highlighter favourite, this was the first highlighter I really fell in love with. It’s got a gorgeous honey tone and it’s certainly more subtle than Champagne Pop but it still packs a punch. I’ve been wearing this a lot recently as it’s the perfect everyday highlighter, it’s not too in your face but still gives that luminous glow to the cheekbones, cupids bow and anywhere else you apply highlighter.

Sleek Solstice Palette |
I’ll be honest and say I don’t wear this a lot but I have no idea why because it contains 4 gorgeous shades of highlight. All 4 are so different from each other but I’d imagine they’d each compliment every skin tone out there. Ecliptic is the only cream highlighter featured and it is the one I usually go for. It’s a gorgeous pearlescent nude. Hemisphere, a powder, is lilac and when blended transforms into a more silver metallic sheen. Subsolar, I was a little wary of as it looks quite yellow in the pan but when on the skin it is much more of a metallic white and lastly Equinox is a gorgeous peach gold which could also be used as a sheer blush on pale skin. If you’re looking for a highlighter palette but don’t want to splurge on the likes of the ABH Glow Kits, try this one out!

Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts in Peachy Pink Kisses |
Marketed as a triple baked blusher, I find Peachy Pink Kisses is much more of a highlighter. It is seriously pigmented and leaves the skin with a gorgeous sheer peachy sheen. I love to mix all three shades together but sometimes I will opt for just one. It’s got a gorgeous silky smooth buttery texture and it does not budge. A great budget option!

Benefit High Beam | 
Last but not least is my current go to highlighter from Benefit. I’ve really been loving this lately! It’s a stunning satiny pink liquid highlight that really gives my skin a whole load of luminosity. This is perfect for dry skin due to its liquid formula, it gives the appearance of fresh looking skin. I usually apply this in spots across my cheekbones and then brush on little to my cupids bow and down my nose. It really brightens up these areas!

My Favourite Glow-Getters for Spring.

My Favourite Glow-Getters for Spring.

What are your go to glow-getters? 

Laura x
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Lipstick Collection | Part One | Various Lipsticks

My lipstick organiser is home to my most worn, favourite lipsticks. This holder was an Amazon bargain and can store up to 24 lipsticks which is the perfect amount. Although, if I could have all my lipsticks on display it’d be so aesthetically pleasing.. maybe I’ll leave that to when I get a bigger dressing table! Anyway, today I thought I would go through my storage and give you little reviews of the lipsticks that are on display atop of my dressing table but as I have so many, I’m going to split this into two parts as nobody wants to spend hours reading one single post.. even if it is about pretty lipsticks!

The bottom row of my display is home to my MAC lipstick collection which is so small in comparison to some bloggers! I currently have 6 but I’m seriously overdue another MAC purchase! I think I’m going to buy Velvet Teddy next.

Lipstick Collection | Part One | MAC Lipsticks

(L-R) Viva Glam, Ruby Woo, Vegas Volt, Creme Cup, Fanfare, Brave.

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna
This was the first MAC lipstick I owned, I had won it in a giveaway. It’s a gorgeous red with a hint of shimmer in it as it’s a Frost formula. It’s not really that noticeable, though. I don’t wear this a lot but as I like to keep my MAC lippies together, I keep it in the holder. Even though this is really the odd one out due to the red packaging rather than the black! I need to start wearing this more.

MAC Creme Cup
This was my first MAC lipstick purchase. I had no idea what shade I wanted so I opted for a popular one and it was a great choice. I love Creme Cup! It’s just a lovely, wearable everyday shade and I hadn’t worn it for ages but recently I’ve opted to wear it a lot more and I’ve fallen back in love with it. I love the Cremesheen formula although it does mean I need to top it up a lot throughout the day but it’s so worth it as it’s a beautiful pale pink!

MAC Fanfare
This was my favourite shade for a looong time. I still love it but I don’t wear it anywhere near as much as I used to. Again, it’s a cremesheen formula but I find it lasts a bit longer than Creme Cup, probably because it’s less sheer and packs more of a punch in terms of pigmentation. Best described as a warm pink, I wish I saw more love for this in the blogosphere! It’s a gorgeous shade.

MAC Vegas Volt
This shade is so different from any of my other MAC lipsticks! But it’s a great one for Spring/Summer. Vegas Volt is an Amplified creme formula which means it’s highly opaque and has a lovely sheen to it. Best described as a warm full power coral, this does a great job of brightening my complexion.

MAC Ruby Woo 
This ‘classic true red’ is my favourite lipstick as it suits me so well. I’m always a bit wary of red lipsticks and unsure that they suit my pale skin tone but I love this one. It’s literally the perfect red lipstick for pale skin (and any skin tone for that matter) thanks to its blue undertones. This is a retro matte formula so it’s got great lasting power and in my opinion, it’s very comfortable.

MAC Brave 
I’m obsessed with this lipstick and I can’t stop wearing it. Honestly, it’s the most perfect shade. 😍 And when paired with Soar lip pencil, it’s even better. A satin formula, this lipstick is semi-matte and super comfortable, I really love how this looks on! I think this could be the first ever lipstick that I actually use up and need to re-purchase. That’s how often I wear it. 

Lipstick Collection | Part One | MAC Lipsticks

The 2nd row is a bit more of a mixture and is home to some lipsticks and some liquid formulas. 

Lipstick Collection | Part One | Various Lipsticks

L’Oreal Color Riche Lipsticks
in Eva’s Delicate Rose & Magnetic Coral
I seriously do not wear these beauties enough! Both part of the L’Oreal Color Riche range, they are both semi-matte formulas but completely different shade wise! Eva’s Delicate Rose (what a gorgeous name!) is a warm pink and is very similar to Fanfare but perhaps a little bit darker and Magnetic Coral is exactly that, an intense coral that sits somewhere between red and orange, it’s slightly lighter than Vegas Volt but equally as lovely.

Benefit They’re Real Double The Lip in Lusty Rose
One lipstick I’m not impressed with is this one by Benefit. The only reason it was on display is because I was testing it out, it has since been replaced by a much more beautiful Charlotte Tilbury lipstick! Whilst I do like this shade, a gorgeous rosy nude, I just really dislike the shape of the bullet! This is supposed to help line the lips but I find it so flimsy and hard to work with plus I don’t really think this lines the lips at all. You only really see it when you swatch on your arm! (see below) I’m so glad I didn’t buy this (it came as part of my Besties gift set I got for Christmas) as it’s certainly not worth £16.50.. buy a MAC lipstick instead!

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Sweet Pop
This is one of my favourite pink lipsticks! It’s beautiful. Sweet Pop is a light-medium pink with subtle undertones and a sheen finish. It’s honestly a dream to apply as it’s such a creamy formula, it just glides on effortlessly and for a non-matte lipstick, it lasts a ridiculously long time. Usually, about 2-3 hours and similar lipsticks would have vanished off the lips within half an hour!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita
Ahh, this beauty. I wanted this for the longest time! The Everlasting range has the most beautiful packaging I’ve seen for a liquid lipstick but I suppose that comes as no surprise as Kat Von D herself is a tattoo artist so obviously she’s going to want swoon-worthy packaging for her beauty line. Anyways, this formula is probably my favourite (and I like ALOT!) and it has to be the least drying formula out there, I can hardly tell I’m wearing a matte liquid lipstick, it’s not at all noticeable or uncomfortable. Lolita is a lovely chestnut rose shade that I can honestly say would suit everyone!

Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Lipgloss in Martha Moo
My go to liquid lipstick at the moment is this one from Tanya Burr! Not only do these have an amazing scent, they feel incredibly light on the lips, have great lasting power and pack a punch when it comes to pigmentation. Martha Moo is a deep nude that has serious 90s lip vibes which I’m just loving at the minute.

Lipstick Collection | Part One | Various Lipsticks

Have you tried any of these? What are your opinions on them?

Look out for part two of this post coming soon featuring a whole load of my favourite liquid lipsticks!

Laura x

Makeup I Won't Repurchase.

It’s a bummer when you spend more than you usually would on a product that people rave about and for it not to be right for you. Or, even when it’s a budget item that is highly commended in the blogging world but for you, it’s nothing special. I’m thankful that the majority of the products I do buy work for me but there are a few that just don’t.. some I’m rather bummed about because a lot of people seem to love them and consider them ‘holy grail’ but they just don’t sit right on my skin or are just not what I expected them to be. Today, I’m sharing the products I won’t be repurchasing unless my opinions on them somehow miraculously change!

NARS Creamy Concealer |
Oh, how I wanted to love this! Everyone seems to love it but my dry under eye certainly does not. It creases so badly. No matter what I do, it just looks awful. The coverage isn’t too bad but I just can’t stand the creasing. I have the shade Chantilly, which is the lightest available and I’m thinking Vanilla might be a better option, I’m not sure as I do usually opt for the lightest shades in a range due to my pale skin but I just have a feeling Vanilla would look better but obviously, I’m not going to spend another £20 odd quid to have it crease on me, so it looks unlikely my opinions on this will change.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer |
I bought this as so many people said if you didn’t get along with the NARS option, you will with this. But I don’t. I just don’t find the coverage to be all that good. I do love how creamy this is (so much creamier than the NARS one, funnily enough) and the doe-foot applicator is probably my favourite but due to my dark circles, I need good coverage and unfortunately, this does not deliver.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer |
Now, I do like this, it’s got great coverage and hardly creases but my only gripe is the awful shade selection. The shade Light is certainly not light, at all. It’s quite a dark shade for me and it ends up being more of a corrector than a concealer due to this. If Maybelline introduces an even lighter shade than I’ll happily repurchase this.

L’Oreal Infallible 24H Foundation |
A couple of months back, I would have recommended this foundation to anyone looking for a nice, budget, full coverage foundation but now, I wouldn’t. I don’t know what’s happened but this just looks plain awful now. I mentioned in my Two Foundations to Try from L’Oreal that it made my skin look flawless, well not anymore! It goes patchy and I just can’t get it to blend into the skin. It all looks so uneven.. I don’t know what happened, maybe I bought a dud but I’m chucking this in the bin for sure.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara |
With its gorgeous gold packaging, it’s no surprise I wanted to try this for the longest time. I was expecting great things as so many seem to like this but wow, it’s not for me. It does nothing for my lashes! This is said to create longer, fuller lashes but for me, my lashes look flat and unlifted with no definition whatsoever. A real disappointment.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara |
Another mascara I don’t get along with is Benefit’s They’re Real. I find it clumps my lashes and I just really dislike how it looks. It does give great definition and length but I can’t get on board with the clumpiness. It’s a big no-no for me.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour |
Marketed as a matte lip colour, this couldn’t be further from the truth! It does not dry down at all and has much more of a sheen finish. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still gorgeous and I love the shade ‘Devotion’ but I wouldn’t buy any more of these.

Which makeup items would you not repurchase?

Laura x
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Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

Bourjois have always been one of my go-to drugstore brands. Especially when it comes to their foundations! I’m a huge fan of the City Radiance Foundation which I reviewed here a while back and in the past, I’ve also loved the Healthy Mix Serum foundation, a great option for drier skins. The one I always wanted to try was the Healthy Mix foundation and when Bourjois brought out a newer, reformulated version which every other blogger was seemingly raving about, it made me finally pop it in my basket and give it a whirl.

So what’s new about this version of Healthy Mix? I obviously can’t compare to the old version but this one is said to give tired, dull skin more radiancy and it is also boosted by the addition of vitamins such as Vitamins C & E. It’s a very light foundation but buildable so I don’t find the coverage to be too sheer. It’s good at covering any blemishes like the huge spot on my forehead right now (boo!) which helps as I very rarely need to apply much concealer on said spot due to this.

It does make the skin look more radiant and dewy which is something I always want in a foundation due to my dry skin and more so now it’s Spring! There’s nothing worse than a foundation that clings to dry patches and makes them look obvious, thankfully this foundation does not do that. It has a very natural finish and my skin looks brightened, fresh and less fatigued.

As I have dry skin, I don’t use powder so I don’t rely on much to keep my foundation long lasting other than the foundation itself. Sometimes, I will use a primer or setting spray, but not every time! I can’t get over the lasting power of this considering it’s light formula, it’s brilliant. Probably the best I’ve tried yet in regards to wear time. Bourjois suggest 16 hours, however, does anyone really wear foundation for that long? I give it a wear time of about 8-9 hours max. It’ll be interesting to see how well this lasts on a hot day.

Application is flawless as it seamlessly blends into the skin. I love using my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to apply this as I find it gives the best finish. I didn’t like how it looked with a brush, however, I don’t really like any foundation when applied with a brush nowadays. Anyone else feel like this? The sponges have definitely taken over!

The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation comes in 8 shades with 50. Rose Ivory being the lightest and 58. Caramel being the darkest. I chose Rose Ivory as it’s the one I’ve always stuck with regarding Bourjois foundations (espec. City Radiance) and it is the perfect match for my uber pale skin.

Have you tried the newly reformulated Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation? What are your thoughts?

Laura x