How To Save Money on Your Beauty Purchases.

When you’re on a budget each month but you like to shop like no tomorrow, it can be a pretty damn difficult situation to be in. So to try and justify my purchases, I try my hardest to save money on them or in some way benefit from said purchase. Apart from the benefit of having new things to swoon over, obviously! There are many ways you can do this from store cards to cashback. Today, I thought I’d share some ways to save money on your beauty purchases..


And no, I’m not talking about those store credit cards where you can gain rewards but also rack up a ton of debt, do not get these unless you can afford the repayments! I’m talking about the cards that give you points every time you spend. Such as the Boots Advantage Card and the Superdrug Beauty Card. I would say the Boots advantage card is my favourite. I don’t know if it’s because I visit at least once a month or more but I find I can build my points up much quicker here than the likes of Superdrug. Last year, I managed to spend my points wholly on a No.7 Illuminated Mirror! I didn’t have to pay a penny, nice.

Other cards include the Debenhams Beauty Club Card, SpaceNK N.dulge and even the likes of the Tesco Clubcard and Nectar, if you ever buy any makeup during your weekly food shop.


If you’re a serial online shopper, you must sign up to a cashback site! You could earn back so much on your purchases. In the time that I’ve been a member of TopCashback, I have earned just under £50. Of course these aren’t all beauty purchases but the majority are. This money goes straight into my savings! It’s great and most major online shopping sites are available on TopCashback or Quidco, the most popular cashback sites. For example at the moment, you could gain 11.1% cashback on purchases on LookFantastic. The only downside is that it can take a while for your cashback to be payable but it’s so worth the wait.


Quite similar to the last one but I do love voucher sites like I don’t use them for beauty purchases often but I will always search before I make a purchase that I’ll spend a fair amount of money on just to see if there’s any way I can save, even if it’s just free delivery. Sites like Groupon or Wowcher can sometimes feature some great beauty deals too, when I’m bored I’ll often have a scroll through to see if anything catches my eye.


TKMaxx has long known been a haven for bargain beauty products but more so recently. Instore now they have the likes of NARS, Too Faced and Makeup Forever which are brands you could easily spend a day’s wages on in stores like Debenhams. Unfortunately, you need to look hard to find products that haven’t been touched which does annoy me greatly, why do people have to stick their fingers in everything? I know people want to test but in TKMaxx it just leaves the makeup looking gross. But if you’re lucky, you can pick up an untouched bargain.

Poundland also seem to have a good range of brands in at the moment. For example, Sleek. I know they are a fairly budget brand to begin with but to save a couple of quid is always good. Other brands that have been spotted include Rimmel.

Fragrance Direct are another great website for bargains. You can get discounted MAC, Estee Lauder and NARS.

If you’re lucky, you might even find a great deal on eBay too. Obviously, you must be wary you’re not getting a complete rip off product, but I have been lucky a few times, most recently on my purchase of the L.A Girl Pro Concealer which as far as I can tell is the original. Just remember to check the sellers feedback.

How do you save money on your beauty purchases?

Laura x
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Where To Find Blog Post Inspiration.

The hardest part about blogging is when you just can’t think of anything to write about it. It happens to me a lot and it is so frustrating. However, there are many things you can do to help find inspiration. In fact, being stuck for a post idea inspired this very post. So if you’re stuck and have no idea what you could write about for your next post, I hope this helps you.

Shop Your Stash |
Probably the most obvious way of finding blog post ideas is to have a look through your makeup and skincare collections and find something you haven’t reviewed or maybe you could come up with a round up of products for example, ‘Your Top 5 Mascaras’ and so on. If you like to post about fashion, you could even have a look through your wardrobe and see if any ideas come to mind such as ‘Wardrobe Staples’ or maybe even a roundup of your favourite outfits?

Your Favourite Blogs |
Reading other people’s blogs is a good way to get some inspiration. Obviously, don’t go in and copy posts, that’s a big no-no but I do find I could be half way through reading someone’s post and I’ll have a lightbulb moment and a post idea will come to mind. If this happens, remember to write it down somewhere so you don’t forget (it’s happened to me many times!). For example, my Brands I Want To Try More From was inspired by reading blogs whilst I was struggling to know what to write.

In Day To Day Life | 
If you like to write lifestyle posts, this is a good one. Been to a restaurant recently and absolutely loved it? Write about it. Travelled abroad in the last few months? That’s a good post and one I’ll be sure to read it! Or if you have something personal you’d like to write about, do. Don’t be scared what people will think, chances are someone will probably relate to it.

Go Shopping |
I obviously don’t recommend this every time you’re struggling for post ideas! Well, unless you’re a millionaire and can afford to! But if you can and want to, go out and treat yourself to a few bits. We all deserve it once in a while..

Your Wishlists | 
Every time I struggle to think of a post idea, I create a wishlist. They are fun to create even though my wishlist seems to get bigger as I create them which isn’t ideal. There are so many topics you can create a wishlist for from beauty and skincare to homeware and travel. So now you know next time I post a wishlist, I was struggling for post ideas..

Where do you find blog post inspiration? 

Laura x
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Mother’s Day is coming up very soon and seeing as I love making gift guides, it was only right I do one featuring my favourite gifts I’ve come across for the most important ladies in our lives! I love buying presents for my Mum and being able to treat her to a nice day out or something (which is what I have planned this year!) though I do believe we should treat our mothers often, not just on Mother’s Day! They did bring us into this world after all ;).

I think every woman loves to receive a perfume as a gift, it’s something I buy my Mum pretty much on every special occasion – birthdays, Christmas etc. I always recommend Viktor And Rolf Flowerbomb especially if they’re into floral scents, I rave about it all the time. Or, you could go for the new Flowerbomb Bloom, it is said to be an ‘airy and fresh’ interpretation of the original. Sounds lovely.

If your Mum is a bit of a chocoholic (unlike mine who can’t stand it!) then there are lots of awesome chocolate gifts to choose from! Such as the Mother’s Day Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat or the Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles which just look incredibly yummy and luxurious.

If you’re treating your Mum to some luxury chocolates, I think a nice bottle of prosecco or champagne goes with it nicely. And you could even nab some yourself!

If it’s jewellery your Mum is into then I always swear by Pandora. I just love their jewellery so much. You could treat her to a bracelet and buy her a cute little charm such as the Love for Mother charm. If she already owns a Pandora bracelet then there are plenty of Mother’s Day and Non-Mothers Day charms to choose from. Pandora also do some gorgeous rings and necklaces, I adore the Pandora Rose rings.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a lovely bunch of flowers! Sites like Interflora, Bunches and Serenata have some gorgeous selections to choose from.

Here are some other gorgeous gifts..

I hope this helps in finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Laura x

February Favourites, Skincare, Makeup

February always seems to drag even though it’s the shortest month. Saying that though, 2017 is already flying by! But I am happy that it’s almost spring, the weather is getting slightly better (if we completely skip the force that was Storm Doris) and the evenings are getting longer which just makes me a lot happier in general. I’ve been trying out a lot of new products this month, I should’ve been on a spending ban but as I mentioned in my last post, My Recent Makeup Purchases, that went completely out the window!

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been loving this month..

February Favourites, Skincare, Makeup

My most reached for eyeshadow this month comes from Tanya Burr’s line of cosmetics. Considering how reasonably priced these palettes are, they are such good quality like you’d expect from your more higher end brands. The palette contains 4 wearable shades – Nude Delight and Gold Coin are my most used shades, great for a nice subtle look when you don’t want anything too heavy. Nude Delight makes a great base shadow too. Enchantment is a stunning bronze with glitter chunks in it, it’s really beautiful and Bookworm is a lovely warm brown. I also love the packaging – it’s compact and would definitely be a palette to take with you travelling. 
Since getting my eyebrows waxed and shaped at Benefit’s Carnaby Boutique in late January (I definitely recommend, by the way) I have started using my Benefit brow products a lot more than I used to. Goof Proof is a brilliant pencil which comes in 6 shades, I currently use 5 – Deep which I think may be a little dark for me, however, for now, it works. I will pick up 4 – Medium when I can. If you’re a bit cack handed and not a brow whizz, Goof Proof is your best friend. This makes filling and shaping your brows so easy. 
I’ve already written a full review on these gorgeous liquid lipsticks from Stila here, if you fancy a read. My favourite shade is Perla and I can’t stop wearing it! A gorgeous dusty pink, I was certain this would wash me out but it doesn’t. I love the formula, it’s creamy on application and then dries to matte within a matter of seconds, super comfortable too! 

This product is raved about by so many and I can see why. An exfoliating toner, I use this pretty much every morning to smooth out, brighten and nourish my skin to achieve a glowing complexion. I find this has reduced my pores, blackheads and the tiny bumpy spots I have on my forehead have significantly reduced too. I’m now running low but I’ll definitely be buying another.
My current go to facial oil, this is perfect for dehydrated, sensitive skin and contains a whole bunch of amazing ingredients such as Strawberry Seed, Chamomile, Arnica and Primrose Oil. It leaves the skin feeling calm and strengthened. 
February Favourites, Skincare, Makeup

Adult colouring books are all the rage at the moment and I absolutely love them. When I came across this fashion flat lay book, I was over the moon. It’s a must have for any fashion fan, it’s a great way to just relax and chill out when you’re feeling a bit stressed or bored. 
What have you been loving this month?

Laura x

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My Favourite Blogging Tools & Apps.

In these last two years that I have been blogging, I have come across many tools, plugins and apps that have made blogging and things associated with it a lot easier and made me more productive. Today, I thought I would share a list of my favourite and most used tools that might just help you out too.

Blogging Apps, Tools, Plugins

BufferWebsite | App
Definitely the easiest Twitter and Facebook post scheduler out there (It can also be used to schedule Instagram posts but I don’t use this). Every blog related tweet you will see on my Twitter is posted via Buffer. I use both the app and website, the app is very handy if you are out and about and need to schedule some tweets and posts to your blogs Facebook page. The free version of Buffer allows you to schedule 10 tweets per day which is enough for me as I don’t like to bombard my followers with too many blog related tweets but if you wish to schedule more you can upgrade to the ‘Awesome’ plan for $10 a month (Around £8).

Buffer also provides you with analytics for your posts. You can see it’s potential reach, how many clicks it had etc. It’s very useful!

TailwindWebsite | App
I was looking for Pinterest scheduling apps a few months ago and came across Tailwind. Unfortunately, you can only schedule 100 pins in a free trial but it was a really handy app to use and I saw my following increase due to me posting more thanks to scheduling rather than just popping on for a few minutes a day to pin. It also helps that Tailwind’s scheduler posts your pins at the most popular times. Plus will cost you $15 a month (Around £12).

ViralwootWebsite | Chrome Plugin
After my free trial with Tailwind was up, I found Viralwoot. I do find this a lot easier as they have a Chrome plugin which makes it a breeze to schedule pins. Viralwoot have their own ‘Smart Engine’ which decides on your optimum posting times. They also give you basic analytics for your Pinterest account, however, you can get a more detailed view if you change your Pinterest account to a business account. If you wish to upgrade your Viralwoot plan, you can do so from $15 a month.

Canva – Website
I love this website! It’s great for designing images for pretty much anything – Twitter posts, Facebook posts and those Pinterest friendly graphics like the one I’ve used at the top of this post. There are so many free fonts, logos, shapes, layouts etc. You’ll probably find many companies use Canva for their social media platforms. To be honest, I’m surprised the majority of the tools on this site are free.

GrammarlyWebsite | Plugin
Grammarly is a great plugin for blog posts, emails and basically, anything else you need to make sure that you have spelt correctly and good grammar for. It can be a bit of a pain sometimes I’ll admit, it will want to correct things that really don’t need correcting. For example, it wants me to correct blog related to blog-related. No thanks, Grammarly. But other than that, it’s great!

DropboxWebsite | App
Dropbox is so handy for transferring files between devices. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it! I mainly use it to transfer blog photos I’ve taken from my MacBook to my phone in order to post them on Instagram.

AfterlightWebsite | App
After I get the photos off of Dropbox, I use Afterlight to edit my photos for Instagram. It does cost but not much and there are a lot of filters you can use. I don’t use any, I mainly use the Brightness, Clarify etc. options, as I don’t like to over edit my photos too much.

What are your favourite apps and tools for blogging? 

Laura x